Deplorable Article on Aishwarya Rai and Make-up

In recent beauty related news, I came across an article that churned my stomach. I didn't believe it at first but since it seems to be popping up everywhere, I'm going to rant til my nailpolish chips on this one.

The article in question is on Zeenews stating that "Ageing Aishwarya Rai insecure without make-up." Here's an excerpt from the article:

"The worst nightmare of a beautiful lady is to wake up one fine day and find herself old and haggard. Same goes for gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who is becoming insecure with age and time. Few years back, the lady ruled supremely and was admired for her flawless beauty. But now she needs her powder and rouge to look beautiful. Recently, the lady had a face-off with director Mani Ratnam over her make-up."

A woman's worst nightmare is getting old and haggard? Really? Because the way I see it you can either get "old and haggard," or, well, not grow any older and celebrate birthdays eternally among the angels. I mean truly, the only logical alternative I can find to ageing is dying. You either live and get older, or die. So now that we have set the bar of beauty to "living" over "corpse,"I think these claims of no make-up are even more ridiculous.

When did an actress who claimed to not wear any make-up actually go bare-faced? There's always some form of foundation, contouring, powder, etc. going on, not to mention the camera filters, lighting and the sorts. I'm finding an increasing number of articles aimed at Aishwarya's age that seem to imply that she is less attractive because she's growing older. I don't ever hold the notion that Bollywood, Hollywood or any other filmdom is not ageist but I can still find it insulting. What do you think of the article?


Anonymous said...

Not only ageist but also sexist. You won't find such an article calling a male actor old at 35.

12:10 AM
Alex said...

Hmm. I do feel like I've been seeing her wear more makeup recently than she used to, but I definitely don't think that she, "needs her powder and rouge to look beautiful." I think the worst part of this article (based on the excerpt, anyway) is that it has nothing to do with Rai's feelings about beauty. It seems to be purely about this author passing judgment on her and then presenting the information as if it were fact.

12:56 AM
Redeemed said...

I agree with Alex. In most of her recent pics, it seems like she is wearing tons of makeup! Looks a little made up and not fresh

1:15 AM
Mo said...

The media's partly made up of losers enthusiastic to take out their insecurities on others. And what better target than the most beautiful woman in the world?

If you go on's gallery, you'll see plenty of RECENT pics of Aish makeup-less (save for kaajal..sometimes) at temples, walking with her hubby, etc.

2:36 AM
Rakhee said...

This excerpt bothers me at many levels.
- First, Aishwarya (if its true) has started wearing more makeup becoz of "aging". There goes Miss World setting an example. If she thinks she NEEDS more makeup to look beautiful..then I cant blame the journalist alone. How about proving that aging can be graceful? No better person than her since she is very beautiful to start with.

- The media industry is so obsessed with aging on women ..that they have made a big deal out of this. This shows how sexist and ageist the media is. This reflects a lot about Indian society. Just like we are obsessed with "white" skin.

6:08 AM
ZenDenizen said...

I don't find her all that pretty anyway but even she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment...

9:54 AM
An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said...

I dont get why they even agreed to publish such an article. Its just some lame person passing judgment on Aishwarya. There are several people on the internet who take to different sources to speak their mind. From a journalist or from any publication I expect truth or some comment from Aishwarya to justify what the author is talking about. Or at least a series of pics, year by year showing an increase in makeup on her face. There are several old pics where she had makeup piled on her and several new pics where she is bare faced. Which picture is this author talking about ? Depending on the event, frame of time, makeup and make up rules change. Yeah one does need makeup at events like Cannes where several hundreds of photographers are there and you need something to protect your skin from the heat, from the oil the heat could produce etc...and other times one does not need much.

Agreed with anon, this is not only ageist but also sexist. Why isnt anybody talking about Hritik Roshan piling on bronzer.

11:05 AM
Minal said...

Long time reader, first time poster (Feel like I'm calling into a radio show :)

There's definitely a double standard in Hollywood/Bollywood for actresses. An actress's stock dives after 30+, whereas actors are more desired, even if they haven't aged as gracefully. It's unfortunate.

PS - Speaking of Aish, she had LOVELY makeup at Cannes recently in a gray gown with a sleek ponytail. Would you do a makeup breakdown?

PPS - And one of Shilpa Shetty's recent cover of Grazia? I never know how to wear black eyeshadow!
(Both pics are on

12:40 PM
Anonymous said...

It's not even an important issue, that's what gets me. They're not covering the recent massive genocide of Indian Muslims, but this'll make headlines? DUMB!!

Besides, Aish is 100% beautiful, more than anyone else I think, she's married, a great dancer, successful, happy...if the writer's aim was to dent her image, he/she needs to know that that is impossible! Wasted our time and his/her own.

5:52 AM
desipolitan said...

Amen, sister! I couldn't agree more. Poor girl is beautiful and this somehow inspires media hatred. I don't quite fathom this concept.

As others have already noted, this article was not only idiotic (an author's attempt to pass his/her opinion as fact), but also supremely sexist. As if women truly have nothing more pressing to worry about than aging and its attendant physical consequences. To this article, I say "biiiiiiitch, pleaze."

11:58 AM
Cosmetic Brushes said...

This is hard to believe as she still looks awfully gorgeous and stunning with little or no make up.

1:09 PM
Anonymous said...

the author said "beautiful women" .
He is talking in the context of the woman psyche, especially in the showbiz.
It is completely true, if you observe ash's body language. She knows it herself..
Anyways, the point is.. it is true, and none of you were present when she does her makeup to say, she never applies makeup.
She is older and she skin is sagging and she has put on weight.
These are the facts.
Beyond this, every opinion is just that opinion.
She couldnt make it into hollywood movies, so now she uses her PR and botox to look good.
In the bargain, the pills she used earlier to make her slim, affected her baby-producing capability.. so now, she cant have a baby, so she continues to act.. and hopes her movies wont be a flop, since she is putting on so much fat.
Good luck to the old Hag.

1:53 AM
Anonymous said...

I think she looks just as good or bad as she did earlier. Maybe a little more restrained and refined as she has aged. I find most Indian actresses (or even Hollywood but we're not talking about that) look more elegant and refined as they age as they find the right look and products for themselves.
But coming to the topic, I do think she is looking less like an 18 yr old as would be expected. Also, I've noticed she has begun looking a little heavier especially in the face in some pix. It doesn't look as natural or adorable on her as it does on some other actresses (genes I guess).

1:45 AM
Anonymous said...

Two points must be made: there have been several candid photos of her recently wearing little of no makeup and she doesn't look old or haggard at the ripe old age of 35 - nor do, say, Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren in their 50s/60s. Secondly - Zeenews isn't the most reliable (read: complete rubbish) source, so you can take anything they say with a truckload of salt or three.

5:39 AM
Anonymous said...

1st: Isn't it weird how celebs sometimes look just GEORGEOUS and say they aren't wearing any makeup EXCEPT a little foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.... lolz and then a pic of them shows up with the real no-makeup, at its really YIKES...

nice blog btw first time here. Really helped :)

6:22 PM
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8:38 AM
Anonymous said...

She is so pretty at 36. What woman can look like that at 36 ????? Cmon haters...........quit being jealous. If I was half as beautiful as her, I would be happy.

9:05 PM
Anonymous said...

I don't think Ash is wearing more make up because she is getting older, but she is experimenting with her looks as she is going through different steps in her career. Everyone in the movies changes, and if that is what she wants then good for her! One thing you hear from celebs is that foundation is a requirement to be on camera and it does not matter who you are. You will look sick on camera without foundation. :)

11:39 AM
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