Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

I know I told you earlier that I was kinda sorta attracted to the Beauty Blender sponge and I kinda sorta wanted to get to know it better. But I also told you I was kinda sorta scared to take the plunge. Sounds like a sordid high school romantic movie starring Drew Barrymore as the lead doesn't it? But it's the truth. I couldn't bring myself to actually take the plunge on a sponge since I never use make-up sponges. However, we all know this situation is a brief courting phase between me and the product so fear not. In the mean time, I decided to test the waters with the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge and I cannot tell you how much I love this thing.

The sponge comes feels a lot more foamy but sturdy than your usual sponge and at first I didn't quite know how the shape of the sponge would work for the contours of the face. However, as it turns out, the middle section is great for control and the two sides are really effective in making my foundation, concealor, and cream blush look flawless.

The rounded edge is meant to be used to 'bounce' the foundation onto the skin. I usually use my trusted MAC 192 or 187 brush but I have to say this sponge beats the two by a long shot. It's quick, easy, and my skin ends up looking completely airbrushed without any streaks. If you dampen the sponge just a little before applying, you can get a sheer veil of foundation that lets your skin shine through.

The pointed edge is perfect for concealor and it is surprisingly easy to apply concealor on the under-eyes and other nooks and crannies of the face. At this point, I was already sold. I didn't need anymore convincing. And then, following along our teen romance I mentioned before, the Blending Sponge developed a crush on me. It applied my cream blush in the most flawless, lit from within way possible.

I was in a hurry and didn't have any of my trusted 73 different blush brushes handy (I do kid about the total number of blush brushes if only slightly) so I applied my cream blush with the conical sode of the sponge and then 'bounced' the rounded side on my blush to soften it up a bit. Here's where my heart stopped. In fact, it's why I couldn't write before today: I have never, ever, EVER (hear that scream?), had my complete face look this good with this little effort.

I will post a tutorial I've been working on with regards to application with the Blending Sponge which I will have up tomorrow. But for now, trust me on this: run-hell fly-to your local Target to get this sponge. It is truly worth it.

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Alex said...

Is this easy to clean? I can't imagine that these are meant to be thrown out on a regular basis like cheapy sponges.

12:00 AM
yummy411 said...

i finally found one, fondled looking sponge in my sorry target. i wanted to buy it so bad, but i heard cleaning the regular blender sponge is hard without the cleaner made for it.. so i'm holding off... FOR NOW.

2:02 PM
Mukho said...

Wow... wish I had a target in Chennai!

6:11 AM
Anonymous said...

I bought this and it's awesome, very easy to use! I am having a hard time cleaning it though. I've been using brush cleaner and mild soap yet it's staining and I've only used it twice. I use MAC studio fix fluid foundation... Any suggestions?



10:01 PM
raj said...

nice blog to know abt different makeup brushes...
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12:04 PM
Foul said...

I love this product! I use a mixture of olive oil and dishwashing soap to wash the sponge. I first rinse out the sponge, apply the mixture, massage it into the sponge and gently squeeze it out! It removes everything, I swear!

3:43 AM
Anonymous said...

From where can I buy it? I'm from Mumbai!

10:32 AM
nitu said...

please let me know where i can get this in bangalore


12:54 AM

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