Can I just take a moment to cry?

I was updating my site with 3 windows of posts I was editing as well as a video tutorial. Blogger sometimes doesnt save my progress and it didn't this time either. I was being a bit cocky and kept putting off my runaround way of saving (creating a new post and pasting the original into it. My computer froze because of the video editing. I lost all my work! Here's mu question to the technologically gifted: any idea how to get the progress back? Sorry for the cry for help but I worked so hard on the posts and it took me forever to get one of them correct. Any and all ideas are appreciated.


Alex said...

If you use Mozilla did it restore your windows/tabs when you re-opened your browser? if so, perhaps you can right click in the editor and undo any lost work.

If not, I'd check around in Google's other features to see what you can recapture. For example, images uploaded into blogger are auto saved into Picasa. I'm not sure where videos are kept, but I'd bet that they do the same kind of thing with them.

Check your drafts and see if blogger auto saved anything for you. Sometime it auto saves when you're not looking.

Also, I've noticed in my account that while I'm in preview mode the bottom save button doesn't work, but the top one does. I hope that something helps :)

2:14 AM
Mukho said...

Hi Anu
I'm really not tech savvy enough to be able to help you on this, but I just wanted to commisserate with u on this one. Its really terrible when u've worked so hard and the comp freezes up :(
I feel for u, girl..

6:06 AM

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