A Quick, Low-Key Look. 5 Minutes Tops, I Promise

I know I was supposed to do a quick look for work but while that's on its way, here's a very quick look that's understated but not too boring I hope. I think it's very appropriate for an everyday look that isn't fussy but still polished.

Also, this pic was taken in India (hence the bindi) where I had my green contacts. After which, I scratched the white of my right-eye, had a doctor tell me 'you can still see right' when I repeatedly told him my vision was strangely clouded by a white haze, and had another doctor try to dig into my eye with a piece of cardboard lying on the floor. Don't worry I went to a hospital afterward and everything turned out OK, but I ditched the contacts because of this incident. And I looked demonic in real life.

Products Used:

  • Make-up Forever Full Cover Concealor. Read my raves about this stuff, it's amazing.
  • A random black eyeliner. Any pencil eyeliner will do.
  • Lancome Definicils mascara
  • Chanel Tweed Ambre blush
  • Chanel Great Copper lipstick

Tools Used:
  • MAC 129 brush to apply blush
  • Bobbi Brown concealor brush

Step 1:
Apply the Full Cover concealor where needed and blend it into your skin. Make sure the concealor matches your skin colour perfectly. I blended concealor under my eyes and around my nose.

Step 2:
Line your top lid and your lower waterline. Blend the liner on the top lid with a q-tip to create soft definition.

Step 3:
Apply mascara generously on top and bottom lashes.

Step 4:
Smile and apply the Tweed Ambre blush to the apple of your cheeks and blend outward towards the temple. Tweed Ambre is a beautiful amber and coral blush that makes olive and golden undertones glow, so less is more and start off by layering thin layer of blush.

Step 5:
Apply the Great Copper lipstick to complete the look.


Ranjani said...

You look gorgeous! You should ttly be a model! Love the glowiness of this look:)

11:06 AM
Anonymous said...

you look lovely!


12:00 PM
fashion accessories said...

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3:08 PM
faryanna said...

Nice look!U remind me of an Indian actress Reema Sen in this picture!!:)

2:52 AM
priya said...

u look sooooooooo gorgeous!love evrything abt the look!

8:01 AM
Pitu said...

You look awesome and I love the blush shade!

5:08 PM
Anonymous said...

Faryanna , I was thinking who it reminds me of, yeah Anu, you look like a more sharp-featured version of Reema sen :-)
Great look , this is something I do when I am in a hurry , the blush looks lovely
btw I got the pink truffle pot rouge which you recommended sometime ago , apart from the gel eyeliner in the bobbi brown sale, really looking forward to trying them


8:39 PM
TamilGal said...

Pretty:)MAC 129 brush looks lovely on you. Like faryanna said, you look so much like the actress Reema Sen.

1:11 PM
Anonymous said...

I can't stand it when Indian women try to change the natural color of their eyes to some lighter color using colored contacts; it's about the most unnatural looking thing! It especially looks crazy on darker skin tones.

That weird pout you're doing is a turn-off.

2:14 PM
Rezia said...

Awesome look! And I totally agree you look a lot like Reema Sen :)

I actually have a question for you about the contacts. I am going to India soon, to Madras (it'll always to be Madras to me) and some other places like maybe Chidambaram and Coimbatore (which are smaller cities in Tamil Nadu--in case you're from another state)and I wanted to take my contact lenses with me. I have hazel and dark brown and I'm totally addicted to the way they make me look.
My question is, is it okay to put them in over there? I mean is the water you'd be washing your hands with clean enough that it doesn't cause weird infections or something? Do I need to take anything besides my lens solution? Like maybe a lot of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer or something? Is there something I absolutely should know about using contact lenses in India?
I would REALLY appreciate if you could let me know! Thanks!!!

2:32 PM
Anonymous said...

Anu great look on you (as always) I am really surprised about the contacts, however. You usually seem so moved and angered by the use of skin bleaching cremes and the negative portrayal of darker women. Don't you think the green contacts send a similar message? . Yes, there are dark skinned people with naturally light eyes but isn't this one of the ongoing problems in Desi (among other) cultures?

5:05 AM
Anonymous said...

Anon #3 - Who cares if you can stand it or not...really no one does.
Rezia - Its India not MARS.
Anon #4- What are you talking about ? Its a pair of "disposable" contacts. The girl did not get a cornea transplant. It is just like makeup , you wear it , you take it off. What has it got to do with culture and darker women !!! She is not sending any message other than " I wore green contacts". Whats next...Anu don't wear western clothes...its negative portrayal of Indian culture !! And this is NOT an "ongoing problem" Poverty and unemployment are ongoing problems.Geez...

11:56 AM
Anonymous said...

anon#5 stfu, and go kiss someone else's ass

12:34 PM
Rezia said...

Wow no reason to get in a strop guys.
Anon#5- I was asking because my optician said there might be problems with the water over there, so calm down.
In the post Anu mentioned how she ended up scratching her eye too; I'm not sure if that's because of irritants or whatever.

2:28 PM
faryanna said...

Well I agree!Anu is wearing color blends contacts, as its known for the most natural looking contacts out there!Unlike blue, purple or turquoise..I do wear contacts also like hazel and brown to enhance my looks.As someone mentioned its just like makeup,u wear it and take it off..
About her pout, its naturally her pout in such a way and its not like she's trying her best to flash her pout pls...
Rezia, dont worry just bring along your solutions and a daily lens cleaner.Ive been to India few times with my contacts, had no problems with it..Just make sure your hands are clean when you remove your lens

You guys should be appreciating of what Anu does in her blog for us..How many Indians out there are willing to spare their time to create such an informative blogs and breakdowns about skincares, makeups, cultures focused on Indians or dark skinned ladies?
Treasure what you're obtaining...

2:01 AM
Anonymous said...

Here here! i totally agree with what faryanna has to say, and she said it well. Thanks Anu for being so generous with all your makeup tips. The photos that you post of yourself look lovely, and encourage all of us to be confident and sassy and take an effort to look our best!

8:20 AM
Dermalogica said...

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4:24 AM
Anonymous said...

Hello Gals,

I swam in India at 11am summer sun. Have got a bad tan. how can I get rid of this tan????

4:54 AM
farah said...

U didnt apply a sunblock before the swim? Well the tan will fade naurally but takes time.Unless if u can afford to take a bath in coconut water :)

2:51 AM
Anonymous said...

I did put sun screen. That did not help at all. :(

9:37 PM
God's Princess said...

Gorgeous looking makeup! I've just written about the femininity and appeal of Indian women; www.theartofbeingfeminine.blogspot.com

Hope you like it :-)

1:15 AM
Anonymous said...

Great look, thanks for the inspiration, you look awesome. BTW, I'm pretty anti contacts lol (obvious ones, I have seen so many faux pas at Indian parties =P), but yours look amazingly natural, I did not even notice till I read the comments. :) Rock on.

5:36 PM
yummy411 said...

you crack me up! glad you are okay and the chanel blush looks quite fab on you!

5:09 PM
Shez said...


can you please please please tell me what contacts you are wearing - name/colour? i so wana get them!!!

8:16 PM
Mukho said...

Hey Anu :)
You look great as usual, and I really like the rosy glow.
I've been wearing contacts for well over 14 years now, and I've had my share of "incidents" like the time my hubby and I were just getting to know each other, we were at a restaurant and my lens somehow got lost in the upper reaches of my eye, resulting in him and everyone else staring on while i dug around inside my eye with the upper lid turned inside out :) Wonder how I escaped infection that time :) :)

4:13 AM
ladygaga said...

Anu, can you please PLEASE share with me the name/ brand of the your color contacts. I think they are to die for and you look like a supermodel!!

9:02 AM
googles said...

your makeup looks absolutely gorgeous!! i love the dewy and healthy look you have..
i like your contact lenses (you can't tell that you have lenses in)..however, i still think that your natural dark brown eyes would have looked better with this makeup. you're blesssed with beautiful big brown bambi eyes and lovely tanned skin..the contact lenses ruin this look a little bit for me x

3:36 AM
Nightingale said...

Luv the look. You look lovely. Please keep blogging..

11:30 AM
PearlShinePose said...

Really nice look! I absolutely love the lipstick. Is it really sheer or more opaque?

1:32 PM
Kt said...

Wow you look fabulous. Im new to makeup and I was searching for a makeup blog for Indian women and happy to find your blog. Wish I could look dewy and natural like you. Could you do some tutorials for natural looks for beginners with drugstore makeup it will be so helpful. Thanks again for the informative blog.

1:37 PM
Mehak said...

Hey , you look great. Being an indian girl whose getting ready for my sisters wedding, it was really nice to see yr wedding looks.I specially love the blush, it has that perfect coral- pink mix which suits our skin tone- any ideas for a cheaper one which has a similar color?.
Do drop by my makeup blog - peachesandblush.blogspot.com

7:19 AM
indianmakeupways said...

Oh my god. amazing look and i have to tell u this...u have an amazing nose. i have a round nose....and i hate it. loved ur post. am a follower now. i started bloggin couple of days back. would love it if u could drop by and become a follower too. meanwhile keep up the great work. bye

1:21 AM
JacqHBT said...

You look great. I like the shimmering effect on your face and sharpness/contour on your face.. keep posting new looks!

6:22 PM
Dermalogica said...

Your makeup looks great, I was looking at your picture trying to figure what I like the most about your eyes and then I realised you had contacts!

12:01 AM
gunjan said...

hi i just love the look its simple as well clasy at the same time ..m new to this blog ..hop ill get to learn a lot .:)

6:38 AM
Gagan said...

Wow your makeup looks amazing...love your blog! :)

8:59 PM
Anonymous said...

I have to ask, what brand are your contacts? I love that the green color looks subtle and natural, every green contact I've tried seems to look bright green.

11:29 AM
Anonymous said...

For me what works out is Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow. This helps me get my all-time work-look. Perfect, I tell you!

3:34 AM
reena said...

wow.... really niceeeeeeeeeeeeee........

3:48 AM

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