Drumbeat Red, a Lipstick Marching to the Beat of my Heart

I was very excited to get a few new red lipsticks. Why? Because I can only unleash my fierce passion for all things red lipstick here on my blog. I'm currently confined to my room, sitting and writing this post with a gorgeous red shade on my lips. The moment I step out, I know I'm a target for all those with disapproving looks for my love of red lipstick. I think I heard of one person who came down with a case of hives at the sight of me wearing red lipstick but I just chalk that up to some weird evolutionary mishap where no appreciation-for-red-lipstick-gene was passed on. I digress. Here's a review of a gorgeous red shade that would look lovely on many lovely ladies.

L'Oreal's Drumbeat Red is a creamy, satin finish, blue-based red lipstick. The colour is almost a strawberry red and feels a bit vintage. This red is not for the faint of heart as it's a bright red that I could see flattering especially lighter skinned women. I know most of you will have probably already written off this lipstick but trust me, it's a high maintenance red that's worth it.

Firstly, the formula is divine. I don't know if there's some unmentioned rule that cosmetic companies adhere to regarding red lipsticks, but I usually find the formula very dry. Drumbeat Red however, is very creamy and moisturizing. I don't end up with bright fuchsia flakes on my lips that look like I contracted some mysterious disease in the Amazon. I can even skip balm with this lipstick, which is quite a feat for a red lipstick. The pigmentation could be deeper, as I have to apply a few layers to get a nice, thorough coating of lipstick on my lips. Also, as the lipstick is so creamy I also have to touch up more but I'm not really that picky about needing to touch up(touching up make-up for a beauty junkie like me is akin to asking a chocolate addict if they'd mind terribly if the could share a fresh from the oven chocolate cake with chocolate icing with you). The lipstick is not any higher maintenance than any other creamy lipsticks in an eye-catching shade.

The formula of the lipstick does have the trademark L'Oreal smell but thankfully it wears away within a few minutes. I don't believe make-up should have smell, but that's a personal issue I'm working on (I write affirmations for this everyday).

The colour is a great shade to have, it's glamorous, bold, and eye-catching. It looks show-stopping with a flick of black winged liner, lots of mascara, some highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, and hair pulled back into a high ponytail. In other words, it's a bright red that looks amazing once you get the confidence to wear it. And when you do wear it, it's the make-up equivalent of wearing a pair of shiny patent leather black boots with some serious heels that make your legs look to-die-for while everyone around you is wearing worn out flip flops with chipping pedicures.


Pitu said...

ooooooo I have this lipstick and it is my fave for parties and weddings. I actually tone it down a teensy bit with some powder on a tissue and then apply slight lip balm but it still looks gloriously red :-D Also, I LOVE the smell of Loreal lipsticks, it's like candy!

5:10 PM
God's Princess said...

Looks delectable! You certainly know how to create a gorgeous look!

Luv M xx

8:57 PM
Mukho said...

Hi Anu!
Well first of all - HA HA HA HA HA!
your post was that funny. I loved it :) U got a real knack for mixing beauty and humour :)
And of course, the color is gorgeous. I have one like that too, Lakme strawberry red. I wear it at work often. Wonder if any of my students came out in hives, heehee :) :)

4:22 AM
anahdara said...

i'm totally going to find this lipstick tomorrow...it looks awesome!

11:58 AM
Mary said...

I love this shade of red, infact, Drumbeat Red is the only shade of red lipstick I wear. Since I was in high school people have always commented on my red lips. I have been told by many friends, that people who don't know my name at first aften refer to me as the 'scarlet lipped lady'! What a legacy to have!

Great article by the way!

6:14 AM
Anonymous said...

cant find drumbeat red lipstick anywhere whats going on .can some one tell me where I can find in NYC Queens area plz

5:10 PM

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