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I looked back at my posts on make-up brushes and I cannot believe I haven't posted more than a grand total of, well, one. A brownie (to calm down my nerves) later, I decided in my chocolate haze to write about my favourite brushes so brace yourselves.

I know I raved about the foundation brush (and before you throw tomatoes at me, I haven't changed my mind, it is still an essential), but the MAC 187 brush is almost even more essential to my life. I know most of you will probably be opening up MAC's website and looking at the brushes and then going "she's mad" when you see the price. It's OK. It's happened before. But here's the thing, the fact that I'm a beauty junkie notwithstanding I have 3 of those. Deep breaths. There's a reason why I have so many of them.

The MAC 187 is a duo fibre brush, a skunk brush in most people's terminology, that buffs make-up beautifully into skin. I use it for foundation, powder, cream blushes, powder blushes, and highlighters. It's truly a multifunctional brush because it spreads the product in thin layers and allows you to spread the product seamlessly. This allows you to layer products without it becoming cakey. And the finish? Flawless.

In my foundation tutorial, I used the 187 to buff in foundation. The best way to do this I've found is to first stipple dots of foundation onto skin (nose, forehead, chin, cheeks...) and then buff it in a circular motion. This way you don't get any hard edges that you need to blend in. I've found that I use the least amount of foundation with the 187 brush and so I also end up with the most natural finish. I then add concealor where necessary and set with powder. I get the most natural, least made-up look with this method.

The 187 adds a wonderfully thin layer of powder as well. It works well for loose and pressed powder of all sorts. Again, it dusts the thinnest layer of powder so I don't get a dry cakey face when I use the 187 to apply. However, if you want more coverage with a powder foundation you can always add more product to get the desired coverage.

Cream Blushes
I absolutely love using my fingers for cream blushes, but the 187 is also quite useful with them. Because the 187 applies product in such thin layers you are less inclined to overdo a bright blush with this brush. I usually pick up a little product with my brush, place the majority of the product on the apple of my cheek and then blend outward to my temple. It gives a very light flush that you can build up if you want a pop of colour.

Powder Blushes
You will thank your lucky stars you got this brush when you see how beautifully it helps you apply pigmented blushes. I always use the 187 with blushes like NARS Taj Mahal, Exhibit A, Crazed, MAC Frankly Scarlet, Cargo Panama and the likes. With the 187, you can apply the thinnest veil of a pigmented blush, thereby virtually eliminating the clown-effect. I find that you can only ever bring out the beauty of pigmented blushes if you have enough control over them. Here, I will take a solemn oath to attest that the 187 transformed my blush-life. It is the only brush I use for pigmented blushes.

I know I'm one of those people who drools uncontrollably at the sight of highlighters but I don't like to be told that I should sit in another room because the light bouncing from my shiny face is blinding those around me. Like with pigmented blushes, highlighters should be applied discreetly. The 187 really allows me to stop at the point where I have glowing skin rather than sweaty, tired, and oil looking skin. For example, Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks make me look like I'm on a glitter-induced mania if I don't use the 187. In all, it helps otherwise difficult-to-use products more accessible.

Washing and Drying
The washing instructions that I stated for the foundation brush still apply. Refer to the article if you will. The only thing I'd like to add is that the white fibers stain quite a bit. My pigmented blushes and even foundation see to tint the white fibers and I can't always get the stained effect out. I don't want to use anything harsh on my brushes so I leave it be. Eventually the fibers become more white as I wash the but it is something that I feel I should add. If someone has a magic formula they'd like to share on getting the stains out in one go, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Stippling brushes totally rock.

But you can use it another way. If you watch EnKore's video about using the 187 for foundation on Youtube, he shows you that if you stipple the foundation on (and don't swirl afterward), you get a bit more of an airbrushed effect. You just keep stippling until all the "dots" blend into one.

As for removing the stains, you can try to rub it on a sheet or towel moistened with some olive oil prior to washiing. I've found this gets a lot of the waxy foundation build up (and pigments) out, so I have a much easier time washing the brush with my baby shampoo.




3:26 PM
Anonymous said...

The 187 is awesome!! I agree with the olive oil treatment. Just put some extra virgin olive oil on a paper napkin and then rub your brush back and forth till most of the pigment on the white bristles come off. I usually use a teeny amount of baby shampoo and warm water to remove the residue of oil on the bristles and then use the mac brush cleaner. I do the same thing to my 168!


7:51 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Annu, Its good to have you back. I am wondering if you can tell us what lipstick and blush color she is wearing in this pic?
Thanks in advance.

4:01 PM
Anonymous said...

Would love it if you can find the time to replicate the eye makeup

7:41 PM
dianna marisol santillano-romo said...

hello, how do you apply your powder blush with this brush? thank you.

4:15 PM
Afshan said...

After washing my MAC 187 or any other white goat hair brush with baby shampoo, I swipe it over my white Dove soap. I wash it in my palm and then rinse with water. The brush comes out completely white. I hope this helps.

2:27 PM
Nicole Lee said...

hi there, is there anyone who can help me choose,
i have two options, one is MAC 187
and another one is
price pretty the same and really good one, do i really need big one or i can use travel size ?


5:03 AM

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