DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Make-Up. Halfway to Monica-Bellucci-dom

You know those deceptive Dior ads where Monica Bellucci poses oh-so-alluringly at you, telling you that you're just an eyeshadow away from looking like her. And then there's that familiar anger that swells within you when you realize it's all a lie. You need to have Monica Bellucci's face to look like her, not any of Dior's make-up, dammit.

While I'm not a fan of foundations much as I have crazy sensitive skin that is currently undecided on what it's goals in life are, Dior's Forever foundation is a new favourite of mine that definitely deserves to be heralded.

Let me start off with the worst part of this foundation: the colour selection is very limited, especially for us darker skinned girls. However, if you do find a matching shade, count yourself among the blessed (one tier lower than Monica Bellucci though). The foundation has a very light gel-like consistency that spreads well and sets as it dries. It feels like nothing on and yes, it does wear throughout the day. The foundation dries to a lovely velvet finish and provides medium to full coverage that you can sheer out easily.

The best part of the foundation is the effect you get wearing it. I look like I have perfectly flawless skin naturally, without the help of make-up. Even though the formula has spf, my fotos don't have the dreaded whitish cast so I don't look like I am trying to compensate for any lack of fair-and-lovely in my world. To me, this is one of the most beautiful, natural looking foundations out there.


Anonymous said...

Anu, you are so right. This foundation is so beautiful.. damn Dior for having such a horrible range of shades! I am nowhere near matching any of the shades (mixing two if out of the question). Enjoy!

1:20 PM
Anonymous said...

What shade of this foundation do you use? Because I'm also NC 44/45. Thanks

10:12 AM
Anonymous said...

I use MAC NC44 as well. What is the matching Dior foundation for MAC NC44? Yesterday, I tried Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy foundation in Tawny Beige and Warm Beige. Tawny Beige was the closest match to my skin color. But, I was not completely convinced. I don't wear makeup often; and also lack the "trained eye" required for foundation matching. Prescriptives has worked for me in the past and I like the overall feel of the product. The price tag is definitely puts a damper though.

5:57 PM
Anonymous said...

What shade of this foundation did you use? I'm a NC44 too! Please answer us! I REALLY want to buy this foundation online. Thanks!! Luv ur blog <3

9:10 AM
Anonymous said...

What color did you wear from Prescritives if you wore NC44?

8:22 PM

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