Report on the MAC Store in Chennai

I finally dragged my highly strained behind (Bharathanatyam classes remember) to Kader Nawaz Khan Road to the recently opened MAC store to scope it out. I was greeted by a very patient MAC make-up artist called Mariam who took the time to answer all my questions.

The Foundations for Indian Skintones:
According to the make-up artist, the shades specific to India are numbered by 0.5. For example I found out that right now I match an NC44.5 more than my usual claim of NC45. Mariam told me that MAC was working on making the shades globally available.

I was also curious about which eyeshadows were very popular sellers. Since the store only opened in November, she told me they still had to go a while before she could give me 'top picks' at the store. However, she said shadows like Cranbery were very popular. People really took to the golds, silvers, and well, pinky-cranberry shades. Besides the shadows, the kohls were very popular.

I quizzed Mariam about shades she sells often. She told me that Sunbasque was hugely popular. Springsheen was also very popular. Mostly peach shades were very popular at the store.

Red Lipsticks:
I asked Mariam what their most popular red lipsticks were and here's the list: Red She Said, MAC Red, Cockney, and Ruby Woo.


An Indian's Makup Blog ! said...

Unbasque..hmmm...why am I nto surprised ! Every MAC counter I go to the MUA keep shoving Sunbasque on me saying its perfect for brown skin tones...LOL !

9:07 PM
Rupa said...

How do the prices compare?

Also, Sunbasque looks cartoonish on me and I am amazed it would look good on other Indians (or maybe looking like a terracotta brick is not my thing)

3:14 PM
Divya said...

hi, my name is divya and need a favour from u. iam getting married next month in a small town in kerala. i need to do my own make up. the make up needs to be simple and long lasting. can u help me on how to do it pls?? thnks

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9:42 PM
desipolitan said...

Oh how I wish MAC would bring their desi foundations to the US! I hadn't realized about the 1/2 thing but now it all makes sense as I've thought for a long time that my MAC shade was somewhere between two shades.

11:36 AM
Anonymous said...

I visited MAC in Delhi (Citywalk) and Mumbai (Juhu) and they didn't mention the .5 foundations... unfair!

By the way I got my make-up applied by MAC in both places. MAC Delhi was OVER THE TOP - they did some crazy photoshoot make up on my friend and I. Once we removed most of it and put it on more sheerly it was actually OK.

MAC Mumbai was pretty good - much more suitable to walking around and being in public lol.

Apparently all of these MAC folks know each other by the way... I guess they all train together?

Also I really liked how they have a one hour make-up lesson they offer where they teach you to do half your face and then have you do the other half so you can learn.

7:38 AM
Anonymous said...

Also I really like Sunbasque... but to me it's like Nars famous Orgasm shade. MAC Delhi actually used two shades on me (I'd have to dig up the colors since I didn't buy it) - more golden on the upper cheeks and then a more peachy shade just under. It came out good actually

7:41 AM
Cris said...

Hi Anu,

I'm Cris and I have a beauty blog but in Portuguese.

I need help with a competition and I'm guessing you're the expert I need.

Can you contact me through makeupbycris at gmail dot com please? I'll tell you more in private!

Cheers and wonderful blog :)


8:51 AM
workhard said...

Dont go for what is selling fast and famous, go with what suits your skin type

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10:44 AM
guavapineapple said...

i tried 44.5 in the mac store at select citywalk in delhi. i didnt like it at all. while nc 45 is just too red for me, 44.5 is too yellow-y.

6:04 PM
Me said...

Please do a blog posting on what you think are makeup must haves for an everyday look..or for any look.


10:22 AM
Sandhya said...

Hi Anu and All,

Can anyone please publish a list of the available .5 shades? I'm in Delhi for a short trip and went to the Saket store yesterday, and the woman there knew NOTHING. I need to know what shades are available asap and then get my cousin to go pick up what I need.


5:59 PM
Pooja said...

I've never seen a MAC store in Chennai...not even on Khader Nawaz Khan Road...where does this place exist? do share it...coz I've not found it yet!

4:33 AM
Anonymous said...

are the mac doing any bridal make up ... if yes how much are they charging for... plzzz reply

8:19 AM
Shilpa said...

Thanks for the info on the MAC store. I did visit the one in Chennai and the one in Bangalore. The bangalore one offers bridal makeup at Rs 8000/- and you can get it done at the store or they would come home. I am not sure whether the rates are the same throughout

4:59 AM
Anonymous said...

May i know the foundation prices...

1:18 PM
Janani said...


I need some help.

My wedding will be in chennai next summer, and I'm looking for some bridal make up artists. It should be MAC users!

I found out that they have a MAC store in Chennai, do you have an email add which I can contact?

Do you know other professionals? Pls. send me link to

Thank you!!

1:37 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Janani,

There is one guy named Ibrahim..He does a great job for brides and he is very humble and decent too

There is one lady named Sunita singh. Kindly dont book her...she is mentally depressed.she might invite u for free trials but she will curse you if you say you dont want to book her even if you pay for the trial

4:56 AM
Mukund said...

Dear Anonymous, or any more Anonymous profiles, don't be idiots to call Sunita as depressed. The very fact that you couldn't like her work or probably have some personal differences with her proves your frustration (the worst part being you lack guts and post as anonymous). In my view, she is one of the most capable ladies in almost every bridal make up aspect. Trust me she is! And she is straight forward to the core

4:56 AM

ibrahim i am glad to see that people appreciate you for your made my 8 years worth under me and i am really glad that you have grown so much....grow more and make my name more proud....god bless :)SUNITA MAM...and as far as me being depressed...i wish i have the time to do so but if i get time i would rather like to sleep a bit...when you are over worked, what you need most is sleep :)

10:44 AM

and MUKUND thank you so much dear but its ok, i accept criticism with open doesn't matter to me what others say or write here..what matters to me is if my brides have a genuine smile on their wedding day..what matters to me if her parents says.....thank you sunita it was me its more then enough....

10:50 AM
Anonymous said...


I shop at MAC in the US and the blush shade I liked the most was springsheen. Their peachy shades tend to compliment Indian skin tone more than their pink ones. But the mineralize pink blush in dainty is also nice.

My favourite eyeshadows are their orange/coral ones. I havent tried the golden/silver. I want to try their blue ones. The electric eel and freshwater are very beautiful shades.

1:03 PM
Anonymous said...

Sunita Singh is really the most unprofessional self-acclaimed "make up artist" I have come across in Chennai. She is rude, doesn't respect your time and charges unreasonably high fees for extremely mediocre work. If you decide to go with her God save you!

12:57 AM
sunita singh said...

Kavitha , you do not even have the guts to post your real name but if you think by taking out your personal grudge on me by this means makes you happy then please carry on! the whole world knows that i had never been your so called "self-acclaimed" , i have a history behind my success story with enough proof , i don't have to voice my own triumph! High time you should concentrate on your married life then trying to foil people's name! Are you seriously jobless ???

4:37 PM
sunita singh said...

Kavitha let me make few things clear, first of all you were never my bride , my dates were already book , secondly every body knows i never do a trial and whole world knows ibrahim had been my assistant for 8 years so what ever he learned he learned it from me so why this contradictory statement ? Let me tell the truth, You did a trial with one of the makeup artist who is also my assistant like ibrahim,who actually did a very good trial but you did not cancel or inform her and went with ibrahim, so that lady complained to me so i forced you to pay her the trial money, my dear lady you were cheating someone and i just made sure that you don't...hence you are vomiting your frustration here in public. As far as my fees and work are concerned cannot even afford it that's why you went with my assistant so please keep your frustrations within yourself.

12:22 AM

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