Lush's Porridge Soap: Just Smell It!

There was a time when I was blissfully unaware of Lush and its siren-like calling that only I seem to hear nowadays. To this day, I can honesty claim that I have never eaten something that tastes as good as Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids smells. I hope that sentence made sense, if it didn't I'm sure you get the gist.
For the cold winter months I seem to have a sudden liking/unhealthy obsession with Lush's Porridge Soap. The smell isn't overpowering or strong and you get a better sense of the true smell when you actually use it. The Lush website claims it smells like molasses and I have to agree. The warm smell feels so soothing on a cold day. I also have to give points to that fact that this soap is not drying and on the more moisturizing side as far as soaps go.

I will admit that I find the oat particles annoying as they come off in the shower and I don't think they're sturdy enough to actually exfoliate any part of my body (either that or my skin is tough as an elephant's). The soap doesn't lather up heavily but I actually like that as my skin usually gets dry because of foaming agents.

Has this replaced my unhealthy need to smell Honey I Washed the Kids every other day? Absolutely not. But the thing about me is that I have love enough for both the soaps.

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Sheryl said...


I've only recently started reading your blog and I like the content. Quick question: how do you find out about all the new beauty products that keep coming out? Are there any particular magazines or websites you follow? I'm usually too busy to go the mall or read up on multiple websites. I'm trying to find some way to stay current. Thanks.

5:35 PM
desipolitan said...

Is it just me or do lush products not only smell delicious, but also look edible? I love browsing their stores. They have a henna conditioner that is lovely though a little $$. The container says to use half of it for one application which I don't follow since who wants to spend $20 for two applications.

12:25 PM
purl said...

can you please do a post on red / pink/brown lip colors from Mac and Bobbi brown most suited for south indian skin tones (revlon medium beige)
thanks in anticipation

5:37 AM
[a} said...

Uff! Honey I Washed the Kids! Truly an olfactory masterpiece!! :D

I think Lush products should be dropped around the world in parachuting packages, from candy-coloured helicopters. They're too expensive for me to afford :(

11:43 AM
Tierra said...

Oh this sounds heavenly! Does it come in a little ball? This would be great a great addition to my makeup case--for whenever I need a nice relaxing end to my day!

8:23 PM
April MacDonell said...

Lush stores are a mezmerising cave of seduction. They pull you in and keep you entranced. The products are formed to appeal to many of our senses at once. And the products appear to lift people's spirits. This is good.

However, I agree with an earlier post; they are very expensive. I am a soapmaker (CP method) and have also made creams and lip/bath balms. Having made these types of product for gifts, I know the material cost and that is without a volume discount or wholesaler material cost. Well, you can guess that the cost is considerable less (without a difference in quality)

I shop at Lush because the experience is wonderful; but I do it infrequently because of the cost. In the meantime I make my own or buy at Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets. I have not shopped online at Etsy or companies listed on the Handmade Soapmakers Guild website, but these are wonderful options too.


12:00 PM

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