Oenobiol, the Solution to My Problems?

In recent beauty news, I had something of a heart attack/pigs can't fly moment when I saw the following ad in the December issue of Belgian Elle.

Supposedly, the Oenobiol tablets contain grape seed and blueberry extracts along with vitamin c that activate the micro circulation of the skin (under the eyes I assume) from within. Consequently, this is supposed to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes.

I'm not sure whether to run away screaming from the world taunting me with false hope or run away screaming so I can find an appropriate place to do cartwheels out of (false?) hope. Either way, I'm curious. And hopeful. And skeptical.
image source: www.pharmasite.eu


I have a couple of updates for you ladies. The first being that i searched myself mad for Chanceuxj's email and other information. I couldn't find it and realized that I really need her to email me. So Chanceuxj, if you're reading this, please send me an email.

Secondly, I have so many updates and such slow internet that it takes forever to upload my images. I'll have updates tomorrow. I promise. As for now, I still cannot stop raving about MUFE's Full Cover concealor. An hour and a half session of Bharathanatyam in the morning and another hour in the evening and it's still doing a great job. Anyway, more beauty updates coming your way tomorrow.

Giveaway Winner

So after reading the entries, I have to say there was one that truly stuck out to me. Not to revel in her shame but Chanceuxj's entry about the insect in the lipgloss was pretty embarassing and so she wins the flat iron. Here's her entry:

My favorite products are NYC retro red lipstick, Nars mata hari, and Bobbi Brown's peony.

I love retro red because it's cheap, but also the perfect bright retro red. I like to matte the color so it doesn't look like the traditional red, but something a little funky and retro. I like to think of a French movie siren.

I like mata hari because it makes my complexion glow, same with peony. I was really surprised at how well peony works.

My most embarrassing beauty moment was when I was wearing Bobbi Brown's lipgloss which is notoriously sticky. Being that it was summer there were a lot of insect creatures in the air. Apparently during my travels a fruit fly got stuck to my lip and because my full lips were so numb from gloss I couldn't feel it. So there I am some time later talking to a guy with a voluptuous bodied and curvaceous fruit fly stuck to my lip.

Manna from the Gods: Make-up Forever's Full Cover Concealor

Usually, I consider concealors for the under-eyes something of a fool's gold. They look good on me for an instant but crease terribly and end up disappearing within an hour. For some odd reason, I decided to give the Full Cover concealor a try and I'm glad I did.

When a product lives up to its claims on my oily skin in the humidity in Chennai and after a 2 hour-long bharathanatyam dance session, you know you've struck beauty gold. The Full Cover concealor provides excellent coverage and dries (quickly) to, according to the company anyway, a waterproof finish. I'm not sure exactly how accurate that last claim is but imagine how sweaty I must have been after my dance sessions and then imagine my under-eye circles still sufficiently hidden. I don't think I've come across another concealor that wears this well.

The consistency of the concealor is not cream enough on its own so I really recommend using an eye-cream with this concealor. I've also notices that I get much better results when I apply the concealor with a brush rather than my fingers. The brush that seems to get the best results is Bobbi Brown's concealor brush. However, the coverage and finish you get any way you apply it is pretty amazing. Another good thing about the Full Cover concealor is the range of shades that are available. My shade is No. 12 and it fits my nc45 skin very well.

So far, I don't think I have found a concealor to beat this one (although I'm sure there are). It truly is a holy grail item for me.

Hello from India

So I've finally landed here in India and I'm getting over my jet lag (take this with a grain of salt). I have a couple of posts coming up about an ad I saw for a tablet that supposedly makes dark circles disappear. I'm also going to check out the local make-up scene here. Should be interesting, I think. Let me know if you have any ideas while I'm here.