How Cool Is This? Jean Paul Gaultier Visited the Sets of "Race"

I was browsing around and found this little blurb on I thought it was quite nice of Gaultier to visit the sets.

"Race comes from the stable of Abbas-Mustan and is obviously expected to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller. Even though it’s being headed for a release later this year, it has started creating ripples all over. Added to its tight and sleek plot, the icing on the top was the visit on the sets by international designer and fashion guru Jean Paul Gaultier, who was in Mumbai recently. On his insistence, a meeting was arranged to meet up with Pataudi Jr, at the Yash Raj Studios to ‘witness’ an item number of the film that as being picturised on Saif along with Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif. News has it that Gautier was so tad impressed with the progress of the song that he told the directors not to call for a break."

Breakdown of Meghana Reddy for Iman

I came across this look done on Meghana Reddy for Iman Cosmetics. It's a very pretty look so here's the breakdown.

Second to None Luminous Foundation in Earth 5.

Cheeks and Eyes:
Sheer Bronzing Powder in Afterglow.

Luxury Lip Stain in Sultry.


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My Spring Inspired Look

I started to take off the make-up from the founation tutorial when I decided to do a very spring-y, colourful look. I took off a bit of the make-up I already had from the foundation tutorial so forgive the angry blemish. Also, my eyebrows desperately need grooming but I'm too lazy to get them done or to tidy them up for now. Feel free to substitute any of the products I used for similar colours from other brands.

I find this look very wearable and not very dramatic. Let me know what you think.

Make-up used:

  • Nixie Natural Finish Founation/Oil Free
  • Besame translucent powder
  • Benefit Moon Beam
  • Revlon Colorstay kohl pencil in black
  • Revlon Skinlights Illuminating Wand in Medium Touch. I adore this concealor an hate Revlon for discontinuing it.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion. This is one of my favourite primers.
  • Nixie Mineral Eye Shadow in Nixie.
  • Urban Decay Secret Service. This is a matte medium brown for the crease.
  • LORAC Moonstone to highlight on the browbone. This is a shimmery champagne.
  • Bobbi Brown blush in Spice. This is a cinnamon/amber shade.
  • Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Flash. This is a sheer tangerine that is not scary.
  • Maybelline XXL mascara
Tools used:
  • MAC 239 brush to apply shadow on the lid
  • MAC 222 brush to apply the crease shade and blend it out. I also used it to apply shadow the brow bone
  • MAC 187 brush to apply foundation
  • MAC 242 brush to apply concealor
  • Scott Barnes angled blush brush to apply, hold your breath, blush
  • Scott Barnes flatliner brush to apply shadow on the lower lash line
  • MAC 129 brush to apply powder. Alternatively, you can use this for blush.

Step 1:
Apply foundation, concealor, powder, and if you want highlighter. See the foundation tutorial if necessary.

Step 2:
Tap the Primer Potion on your lids.

Step 3:
Apply Nixie very sheerly on the lid. I didn't want to pack on the colour and kept it soft and fresh.

Step 4:
Apply Secret Service in the crease and blend into the Nixie and into the brow bone.

Step 5:
Apply Moonstone on the brow bone and blend into the crease.

Step 6:
Rim the entire bottom lash line with Nixie. Line the outer fourth of the lower lash line with Secret Service. Blend the to colours.

Step 7:
Make a thin line with the black kohl pencil starting from the inner edge of the pupil to the outer corner of the eye. Do not extend the line any further. Apply the kohl pencil lightly on the outer third of the lower lash line.

Step 8:
Curl lashes if necessary and apply mascara on top and bottom lashes.

Step 9:
Apply blush on the apply of the cheek and follow through to the temple (refer to the blush tutorial if needed).

Step 10:
Apply Pixel to finish the look. I applied it fairly sheerly because I didn't want to overwhelm the look.

Tutorial: Applying Foundation

I know this is very basic but someone asked me for such a tutorial a long time ago. It was so long ago that I'm ashamed to tell you when exactly that was. I'm something of an anti-foundation person as I don't wear it in daily life. However, I recently got samples of 2 foundations for which I will do a review of soon. In the process I figured why not add a tutorial while I'm at it.

Take note, I'm having some "peeling issues" along my hairline so that's why it might seem to be darker or patchy there. It's from a skincare thing I'm trying out. GREAT results but the peeling around the hairline is annoying. I will post about this more elaborately.


  • Determine what kind of a finish you and what coverage you want. Factor in whether you are going to use a concealor or not. You might be able to go lighter on the coverage if you're going to use a concealor.
  • For hyperpigmentation from acne scars, you can usually erase their appearance temporarily with concealor and foundation. For blemishes that are still alive and thriving (like mine), I like to first cover with a concealer first that matches the skin tone, then apply foundation, and touch up if necessary. For pitted scars, I can do a tutorial because I find that it is easier to show step by step what to do.
  • Figure out what your undertones are and what undertones in foundation suit you best. I know some very fair desi women who have pink cheeks and so assume that their undertones are pink. Look at the face as a whole. Determine what undertones are overwhelmingly present and use that as a starting point to choose your foundation. My undertones are very olive/yellow and so I would look for a foundation that would complement that.
  • On me, too much yellow in foundation looks horrible and mask like. I would ideally look for a foundation that is more balanced that only yellow undertones. For me, it is necessary that there be olive in the formulation too. Try to see what balance is necessary to look natural on your skintone.
  • Walk around for a day with the foundation you're interested in to see whether it oxidizes and how it looks during the day. When foundation oxidizes, it becomes darker and you're left with very obvious looking foundation

Make-up used:
  • Nixie Natural Finish Foundation/Oil Free (test driving this for you ladies)
  • Besame translucent powder. Basically what you need is powder to set the make-up.
  • Revlon Skinlights Illuminating Wand in Medium Touch. Sadly, this concealor is discontinued. Pity since it matched my skintone perfectly and conceals dark circles and blemishes very well. I found mine at Big Lots for $2 a few weeks ago so they are still on this planet.
  • Benefit Moon Beam. I like the soft, dewy look and I love this highlighter for it. You can skip this step if you want. What I like about the Moon Beam is that the glow is soft and understated. No discoball effect, just a dewy finish.
Tools used:
  • MAC 242 brush. I use this to apply concealor on blemishes and sometimes on under-eyes too. I prefer using my fingers to pat the concealor on my under-eyes.
  • MAC 187 brush. I use this for foundation as you need very, very little. It spreads the foundation evenly and in a very thin layer so you get a natural, 'my skin is shining through' look. This brush allows a very controlled level of application so you can layer foundation if necessary. You can find stippling brushes from other brands too that are quite good.
  • MAC 129 brush. I use this for powder and when needed for blush.
Step 1:
I always recommend patting on some eye cream and moisturizer first. If you want, you can use a primer on top of that. I'm going to start with concealing the most obvious problem I have: my under-eye circles. I apply my concealor on the inner corner of my eye, on the sides of my nose, and along the lower eyelid. If you want, you can apply some on the top lid too. I prefer to leave that be because I will use primer and shadow on my lid anyway.
Step 2:
I like to use my fingers to tap the concealor gently on my under-eyes and blend it into the surrounding areas. Be careful not to tug at your under-eyes and to make a tapping motion to spread the concealor. I find the MAC 242 works very well for this purpose too.

Initial Result
The concealor is blended into the under-eyes and the surrounding area. It's very close to my skintone. If your concealor is not sensationally lighter than your skin tone but if it's a bit off, foundation will fix that.

Step 3:
If you have any active blemishes (mine has been alive and thriving for the past 1 1/2 months just So you know) or a lot of hyperpigmentation, mask them with a concealor that matches you skin tone. This is why I love the Revlon skinlights concealor. It does such a good jod with my under-eyes and any blemishes.


Step 4:
Apply a few dots of foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and on the outer bridge of the nose near your eyes. Remember, you can always add more foundation later so it's better to do it by layers. You might find out that you don't need so much after all.

Step 5:
I blended the foundation out by making small circular movements with the MAC 187. I find that circular movements give the best results with a stippling brush because they spread the foundation more seamlessly.

Step 6:
If necessary, add some extra concealor on persistent blemishes to neutralize them (I like the sound of neutralizing them. sounds very "this is the CIA and we need to kill this blemish. Ok, I just realized how lame that comment was). Blend the edges into the foundation.

Step 7:
I like to add a glow which is very soft. If you want to skip this step, do so by all means. I applied Moon Beam on the bridge of my nose (very lightly), on top of my cheekbones to my temple, on the brow bone and followed the curve of my eyebrows all the way to the highlighter on the cheekbone, and on my cupid's bow.

Step 8:
I blended the Moon Beam with my fingers.

Step 9:
I dipped my powder brush in my translucent powder, tapped off the excess, and applied a thin layer over the foundation to set it.

Step 10:
Don't forget to set the concealor on the under-eyes with powder. You can also use an eyeshadow brush for more precise application.

Final Result:
See, that wasn't so hard. It looks very natural I think.

While I Want to Kill the Blog Layout, Take a Moment to Fill Out this Survey

I am losing it. I want my blog issues to go away and I want some carrot halwa while I'm in a wishful thinking mood. While that's not going to happen soon, please take a moment to fill out this really short survey. It's only four questions but it should be fun to look at the results.

New Layout

I hated my previous layout and really had no time to create a new one. Thanks to no sleep (I suppose it's repetitious hearing this from me now), lots of iced tea which wasn't all that iced, and the t.v. to keep me awake, I changed the layout. It was a lot of hard work for someone who breaks out the calculator to add 3 + 5 +2, I'm not gifted with technical things, and my recollection of the past 24 hours is very hazy. I still have to tweak the layout a lot but bear with me, it should be up and running optimally tomorrow.

Also, going through the previous posts I realize that my scatterbrained state makes me forget to reply to comments. I am very sorry about. I don't do it on purpose, and I can't give you a more pathetic example of how clueless I am after the calculator one (a true story too) so just refer back to it.

The Vogue Cover Controversy

The cover of Vogue for April 2008 features LeBron James and Giselle Bundchen. It seems that LeBron James is the first Black man to grace the cover of the magazine. Simple enough right? Apparently not. There's been a controversy because of this cover.

The cover is being described as racist:
"magazine analyst Samir Husni believes the photo was deliberately provocative, adding that it 'screams King Kong.' Considering Vogue's influential history, he said, covers are not something that the magazine does in a rush."

However, the cover was supposedly intended to "celebrate two superstars at the top of their game."

I can't make up my mind on this. There is so much stereotyping and exoticising that I feel become internalized and accepted as the standard. Why all this philosophising and what does this have to do with desis? Well, I still see quite a few photos, high fashion or not, that when they refer to us desis there is still an extent of exotification. And while I don't think all of fashion needs to be PC per se, it could still be sensitive to stereotypes like in this case.

I just told my roommate about this and she told me I object to everything as a matter of principle. I don't care, I'm still objecting to this.


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A Small Interview with Make-Up Artist Shalini Vasisht

I hunted down Bollywood make-up artist Shalini Vasisht and she was kind enough to email me back questions I had asked her. You can view her work on her website. For those of you who'd like a bit more of an introduction here is an excerpt from her profile on her website:

"Shalini Vasisht is a renowned celebrity Makeup Artist and the lady behind many glamorous and beautiful bollywood stars like Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Sharmila Tagore, Pooja Batra, Mallika Sherawat, Neha Dhupia, Udita Goswami among others. She has held grooming sessions for the Miss India Pageants and personally groomed Miss India World 1993 and Miss India Pacific 1994."

ME: What are some of your go-to products?
Shalini: MAC Prep+Prime, MAC Brow Finisher, Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Palettes, Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Cream Compact Foundation, Lancome tinted moisturizer, Kryolan Derma Colour Camouflage System.
Note: Lancome has 3 different types of tinted moisturizers Aqua Fusion Teinte, Bienfait Multi-Vital Teine, and Imanance.

What are your favourite brand/type of concealors and foundation? What products/shades from a specific do you like using on fairer skinned women and darker skinned women respectively?
Shalini: MAC and Bobbi Brown have great foundations for darker skintones and L'Oreal for fairer skintones.

ME: What is the one make-up no-no you see women doing?
Shalini: A foundation lighter than your skin tone is a big no-no. The base should match the skin tone.

ME: What is your idea of a basic face?
Shalini: A basic face would have make-up that brings out the natural tones and colours on the face, lips, and eyes.

What are your favourite bronzers and/or blushes?
Shalini: MAC iridescent powders are nice bronzers, I also like Estee Lauder and NARS blushes.

And last but not least, can you name some of the products you used on Neha Dhupia in the following photo:

Shalini: On Neha, I used the MAC Paint in red on the eyes, Lipglass in Rose on the lips, NARS Orgasm blush, and Bobbi Brown Cover Stick as the foundation.
NOTE: The paint and lipglass she is referring to sounds like Flammable paint and Flusterose lustreglass.

image source:

Great Make-up: Kareena Kapoor at the Film Fare Awards

Here's the much awaited, much overdue breakdown of Kareena Kapoor at the Film Fare Awards this year. Thanks Mira and everyone else for helping me find the pics. I have a limited number of brain cells and even they seem to be dying.

This look calls for a dewy look and a medium coverage foundation. Cover up any under-eye circles or blemishes with a creamy concealor that matches your skin tone. I really like the look of foundation mixed with Strobe Cream (substitute with your favourite highlighter) to give a soft, halo-like glow. Set with a translucent powder.

Recommendation: MAC Strobe Cream, NYC Translucent Powder

To prime eyes for the shadow, apply an antique gold long lasting cream shadow on the lid. Blend outwards from the crease but do not extend out too much.

Recommendation: MAC Indianwood Paint Pot

The brows for this look are natural and thick while being very groomed. Tweeze away any stray hairs but be sure to leave eyebrows as thick as possible while following the natural shape of your brows. Set brows with a brow gel.

Recommendation: Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator

Apply a shimmery light yellow gold shadow on the lids.

Recommendation: MAC Gorgeous Gold

Apply a deeper, golden peachy brown shadow in the crease and blend into the lid and slightly outwards.

Recommendation: MAC Amber Lights

Apply a very light, shimmery champagne shadow on the browbone and blend into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Ricepaper

With a very deep black kohl pencil, rim the entire top and bottom lash line. Keep the liner thin to medium in thickness. Smudge the liner slightly with a q-tip or a pencil brush such as the MAC 219 brush.

Recommendation: Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner

Curl lashes and apply a volumizing mascara. Comb out any clumps with a lash comb.

Recommendation: L'Oreal Voluminous, Lancome Fatale

Apply a plummy bronzer on the apple of your cheeks and follow through to the temples. Apply a very little bit on the bridge of your nose, forehead, chin, etc. Be sure to keep it very light because I tend to look muddy if I overdo it.

Recommendation: Benefit Dallas

Apply a cinnamon pink lip liner and top it off with a sheer pinky caramel brown lipstick.

Recommendation: MAC Spice lip liner, MAC Honey Flower

image source:

Bollywood at Willis India Fashion Week

I'm always bashing Bollywood fashion is seems, but now that the Willis India Fashion Week 2008 has been wrapped up (for over a week), I figured let's spotlight that. Let me know what you think of the gowns and whether I'm completely insane.

Katrina Kaif walked for Ashish Soni and Anamika Khanna.

As always I seem to love her hair, which here is gorgeously understated, simple, but effectively elegant and doesn't detract from her intricate dress or her make-up. As for her gown, I think it's the strongest, best executed one that I'm posting about.

Bipasha Basu walked for Gauri&Nainika's collection.

Not too sure about the gown since the black strap seem to jar the whole ensemble. In fact, it reminds me of one of my backpacks that had a single diagonal strap that went across at the front.

Soha Khan walked for Manav Gangwani.

She seems to carry off the make-up and hair beautifully. I don't particularly like this frock either as it seems a bit too medieval-ish. All I can think of when I see this picture is what kind of a catty comment Michael Kors would have come up with on Project Runway had he been shown this.

Sophia walked the ramp for Manav Gangwani too.

She seemed to be more confident in her gown than Soha. Although my verdict is still out on this one.

Celina Jaitley walked for Khushali Kumar.

Let me start off by saying I love Celina's make-up here. It's a lot less over the top than usual and it actually brings out her beauty. The bottom half of her dress is flowy and pretty but the top half seems ill-fitting Celina and the skirt.

images source:

PSA: Besame Last Chance Sale

I know I've ranted a lot about the size of some of Besame's products but they do have some very nice products. The pigmentation is great and the colours are beautiful, I'm just not crazy about the size of the products at the price they used to be. Besame is having a last chance sale on some of their items. Here you go:

How to Emphasize You Eyebrows

This is a very easy and quick tutorial on how to emphasize your brows. The method is great even if you have a strays that need to be tweezed like I do. It does a great job of defining your brows and making them look immaculate.

Make-up Used

  • Revlon Skinlights IllusionWand in Medium Touch. What you need is a concealor that blends in with your skin perfectly. You can also use a slightly lighter concealor on the bottom of the brows. A wand or stick concealor is really handy for this technique but you can use a brush to apply concealor from a pot.
  • MAC Stud eyebrow pencil. You will need an eyebrow pencil that suits your brows.
Tools Used:
  • My fingers. Alternatively you can also use a concealor brush or even a q-tip.
  • A spoolie brush.
Step 1:
Brush your eyebrows into pace with a spoolie brush. I grow really long antennae like hairs at the inner corner of my brows, so if you suffer form this trim the long hairs that spike up.

Step 2:
Apply concealor along the upper and lower edges of your brows. Make sure to apply the concealor as close to the hairline as possible.

Step 3:
Blend the concealor on the upper hairline outward. Don't start near the eyebrow-hairline, rather start at the outer edge of the area where you applied concealor. If the concealor is very obvious at the eyebrow-hairline gentle tap to blend it in. You don't want to blend the concealor away completely there. Make sure there is a subtle gradation of concealor from the eyebrow-hairline outward.

Step 4:
Tap the concealor on the lower hairine outward. The same thing applies here and you want to blend from the outer edge of the area with concealor. Gently tap away too much concealor at the hairline but do not blend it all away so that nothing remains.

Step 5:
Go over the natural shape of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Keep the strokes short and light. If you hairs are slightly more sparse in the inner corner of your brows, don't fill them in completely. Rather, darken the area slightly so that it doesn't look too harsh. Brush your brows with a spoolie brush when you are done. This softens the brow pencil, blends your brows and the brow pencil together, and makes the result look more natural.

The Most Hilarious Spoof of America's Next Top Model

TyTy is one of my most hated creatures. I used to love her back when she first came on Oprah. I used to think she was gorgeous and so sweet. Then she got her own show and went batshit crazy. I argue a lot with a friend of mine who seems to still hold her in high regard so I do understand that she has a lot of people who like her. And to be fair she still has a gorgeous face (it killed me to say that. I really, really despise her). However, this video is so funny I think it will appeal to those who would rather have their head guillotined off than watch her show and to those who watch and love her still.

Don't you think she has Tyra's mannerisms down pat? I cannot stop laughing.

Khamila's Picks

Khamila emailed me her favourite products and here they are. Her skintone is NW45 and I am so excited she has castor oil on her list. It makes me feel less like a castor oil peddler. She was kind enough to let me use 2 of her pics to illustrate how a product worked too. Email me your favourite products (and add a little blurb as to why they're your favourite) to Anyway, here you go.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss
I actually JUST got this but I am not obsessed. I just keep reapplying it all day. The thing that's so great about it is that you can keep applying it and you don't have to use chapstick. It's thick and moisturizing and super glossy. I guess you could say it's the perfect nude gloss. The color is somewhat sheer but evens out my lip color.

Mac prep & prime (Spf 50), Mac Matte gel, Castor Oil

With a combination of these three things I keep my skin pretty matte during the day. I have extremely extremely oily skin. I mean, the kind that by 10:00 you have to get a tissue and wipe your face so that you don't blind everyone in the office.

In the mornings I use the Oil cleansing method ( Then, I apply moisturizer and prep & prime. Then I apply the matte gel before any foundation. If I'm using a foundation that is creamy or liquidy then I apply a second layer after it. Some people esp. sensitive skinned folks have said that the oil makes them break out but my face is always smooth, soft, clean and not shiny!

Wet n Wild Dark Brown Eyeliner /Brow pencil
If I could only use one of these products it would have to be this! I have quite sparse brows naturally and hair just doesn't grow in some places as well they just grow however they want. The color of this pencil plus it's waxiness alows me to actually create eyebrows! It's only like $1!!
comparison shots:
Loreal Liner Intense In Black
This is the BEST liquid liner. The felt tip makes it easy to apply and the pen-like style makes it easy to hold. Also, this color is not actually flat or matte but has a bit of a shine to it when it dries.

Nixie Oil Free Perfect Finish Compact Foundation for Oily Skin
I love this stuff! I've used it for when I had to be on stage to going to church or out at night. It gives a really flawless look and is quite smooth and easy to apply. I like to apply with my Mac foundation brush.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
This is the only primer that doesn't crease on my lids. It always makes your colors pop!

CoverGirl Lashblast, Lancome Defincils
These mascaras are a lot alike. Clearly the Lashblast is cheaper but they both do a good job at extending and separating.

image source:,,,,

Make-Up for Designers Ashima and Leena's Collection "Temps de Luxe"

I was browsing the internet instead of sleeping (thank heavens for concealor) and stumbled on this interview of Martina Luisetti, a make-up artist for MAC, who did the make-up for the fashion show. The advice about "opening your eyes for that dreamy starry look" seemed somewhat dubious to me. Is it really a bit of genius make-up related advice or just plain common sense while awake? I found the breakdown/interview on and thought I'd share.

Step 1:
After your base of course, use a shade of burgundy to give your lips that precise definition yet not stark look. The idea is to have your lips looking like rose petals!

Just for your information, if you are travelling abroad pick up a shade of wine red called Artefact by MAC which was used on the models.

Step 2:
Apply on some purple gloss to plump up your lips and give them that sensuous touch.

Step 3:
The eye shape is that cinematic 30s style. So go with soft eye make-up which is very well blended into the eye. Use a blackish eye shadow to create that smoky feeling and add a little shimmer to the eyelid.

If you want the exact shadow of eye shadow, it was Paint Pot Black by MAC that was used on the models.

Step 4:
Apply loads of mascara to your eyelashes to open up your eyes and give them that dreamy, starry look!

Great Make-up: Shreya

I will have the requested breakdowns out in a few days. I'm sorry I'm so late with it, I've been so exhausted and tired that I cant seem to do anything. I stumbled across this pic of Shreya and I became obsessed with the make-up. Yes, it's insanely photoshopped and the blush is a bit too heavy for my liking, but you can alter this look slightly and I think it would look great.

Since we don't have Photoshop available to airbrush and filter our faces to death and because too heavy a foundation would make this look a bit tarty, start off with a light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy or satin finish. Cover any blemishes and under-eye circles with the concealor of your choice. Set make-up with translucent powder.

You're going to need primer for this one, I'll be frank with you. This look requires matte browns and to make them look their best a primer is absolutely necessary.

Recommendation: Urban Decay Primer Potion

The look calls for the brows to be neat and very defined. Groom brows with a brow gel and emphasize them with a brow pencil. Pluck and stray hairs but be sure to not tweeze away too much.

Recommendation: Milani Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator

Apply a matte, medium neutral brown eye shadow on your lids.

Recommendation: Bobbi Brown Sable

Apply a a slightly darker matte brown shade along the entire crease and blend outwards.

Recommendation: Urban Decay Secret Service

Outer "V":
Apply a matte blalckish-brown eye shadow to the outer "v" only. Blend it into the crease colour so there is a subtle gradation of colour.

Recommendation: MAC Brun

Create a medium thick line with a dark matte black gel or liquid liner following the shape of your eye from the inner corner to the very outer edge. Do not extend the liner past the outer corner. Line your lower waterline with a deep black gel or pencil liner.

Recommendation: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner, L'Oreal HIP Cream Liner in Black, Revlon Colorstay pencil liner

Lower Lid:
Dip a q-tip or a pencil brush, such as the MAC 219, in a matte black eye shadow and apply it to the lower lash line. Make sure that the line you make is thin but strong. Blend this out slightly so that the black eye shadow isn't as intense and appears smokey.

Recommendation: MAC Carbon

Apply a matte buttery shade on the browbone and blend into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Brule

Mascara and False Eyelashes:
I have to be honest here. Mascara alone isn't going to get you the exact look. If you want to stick to mascara alone, curl lashes, apply a primer if you wish, and apply 2 to even 3 coats of a volumizing mascara on top and bottom lashes. Comb out any clumps with a lash comb. For added drama, apply a full strip of false eyelashes.

Recommendation: L'Oreal Voluminous, Diorshow mascara

Shreya's blush is very intense and I really don't recommend it for real life. A softer version is to apply a candy pink blush with a bit of shimmer lightly on the apple of the cheeks all the way to the temples.

Recommendation: MAC Dollymix

Apply a sheer plummy red lipstick and top it off with a neutral pinky red gloss
Recommendation: MAC Sophisto , L'Oreal Colour Juice in Candy Apple

Oh Bipasha... Words Cannot Express My Horror

I named this picture whatwasshethinking.jpg on my computer but I should have named it whydoesyourstylisthateyou.jpg or whyisyourproducerlettingyourstylistsmokecrack.jpg. I know it's a lot to read but give it a try. You will find the names accurately descriptive for Bipasha's look in her movie Race.

First of all, why does she have the Nicole Ritchie hair extensions circa "The Simple Life" episode 1? Are Bipasha and her stylist trying to channel the League of Skanks? That too on Purpose? Or maybe I have it all wrong and they're trying to go with the really long hair some anime characters have (I know this by virtue of my anime obsessed brother). The hair's not the worst part of my rant so restrain your anger towards me if you disagree. There's a lot more to hate me for.

Let's talk about the outfit. Is it the skirt that has me foaming at the mouth from apoplexy or is it the heinous jean jacket tied right below the chest area to highlight/show off the results from Bipasha's reported plastic surgery? Or is it the boots that are potentially very cute but here dot the i's and cross the t's on this skankerrific ensemble? I have so many questions every time I see this photo. So much so that I am going to ponder about them tonight while gazing at the stars and maniacally screaming at the empty sky asking the powers that be just one question: "WHY?" I'll let you know if I ever get an answer for why this outfit ever had to exist.

image source:

Make-up for Lighter Skin Tones

Along with the post on make-up for darker skin tones, here's some of my favourites for lighter skin tones. Ignore the craptastic pics of blushbaby, seedy pearl, and porcini. I will get better pics up soon. Again, feel free to add your picks to the list.

MAC Blushbaby
This blush is so beautiful and makes the process of putting on blush very dumbed down. It's a fool proof neutral plum with a bit of brownish undertones to it. It's not screamingly bright in the pan and goes on sheer but there is enough colour-impact for it to show up on nc45 skin tones. It chases away the sallowness or olive undertones desi skin tones can have and brightens up the face and brings a sparkle to the eyes all without being too overpowering.

Almay Spice
First thing's first: be kind enough to ignore the dying zit. I recently got this blush and am very happy with it. I think the whole Almay line is aimed towards fairer skin tones so I was surprised it was well pigmented and showed up on me. This is a warm nutmeg colour with a bit of pink to keep it from looking muddy. I tried it on a friend whose skintone was much lighter than mine, think nc25, and it gave her a sunkissed look. I will say that my MAC blushes last longer on me but this one lasts a good 6 hours. Nothing to sneeze at my any means.

MAC Seedy Pearl
I know a lot of desi girls love pink and mauve eyeshadow and this is my version of pink. It's an iridescent mix of pink, purple, blue, and white and is great as a quick wash applied on the lids if you're in a hurry. It's also a great go-to shade to bring out brown eyes since it has such complexity.

Essie Porcini Nail Polish
I know this is nail polish but this one looks fabulous on your lighter ladies. This is a very misleading pic, so bear with me. It is a warm rosey shade with gold shimmer to it that stops it from being blah and boring. I admit it's not your wild vampy shade, but it's such a great every day color that looks very polished.

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Make-Up for Darker Skin Tones

Khamila sent me a very sweet email of her favourite products which I will post in a bit. Her email got my few remaining braincells spinning (my textbooks aren't just mind numbing, they're quite lethal to gray matter it seems) because I do a lot of make-up for darker skinned African American women an desi women. So here's my post on some of my favourite products for darker skintones, by which I mean ranging from my skintone, nc45, to nw55. Feel free to suggest shades and combinations.

La Roche Posay Biomedic Vitamin C Powder
I've been raving about this all over the place for the past few weeks now. I find that darker skintones have hyperpigmentation issues when we encounter pimples (I'm looking in the mirror and giving my skin a deathly look right now). I hate the length of time it takes for any discolouration to fade on my skin. This product speeds up the healing time for blemishes and reduces any discolouration greatly. I mix 2 spoonfuls (you get the tiny spoon in the box) with my moisturizer, mix, and then apply. This way it doesn't degrade in sunlight, the product is always fresh and effective, and it boosts the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Yes it tingles a bit but you can build up to the 2 spoonfuls. And did I also mention that it is much more affordable than many of the other serums out there.

I also liked this better than vitamin c serums because the sunlight can cause some of the vitamin c to degrade during the mailing process. The serums also caused me to break out, while with this you are only mixing it with your trusted moisturizer. I know skincare is very subjective but this has helped my skin so much and so I just had to rave about it. One little bottle will also last a very long while. Also, you can get it at 20% at with the discount code MUA20.

Nars Exhibit A
I really couldn't leave this one out now could I? It is a screaming tomato red in the pan, but when worn it is possibly the most gorgeous blush on every skin tone. Be warned, it is very pigmented and a little will take you a very long way (think marathon). On my skin, it is a natural reddish flush that looks very girly and natural. It works great on such a huge variety of skintones, but I especially love how it brings out darker skintones.

MAC Teddy Eye Kohl
I know this is an eye kohl, but it is incredible on really dark skin tones as a lip liner. I like to balance it out with a lighter gloss, like maybe MAC Viva Glam V, or intensify the colour with a deep red. Either way, the smudgey texture and the softness of the eye kohl make it a great multi-dimensional lip liner. I don't like to use it alone but it is great to help intensify and dramatise colours.

Milani Antique Gold
I have a hard time convincing darker skinned women to go for colours other than golds and rich browns. However, I love dirty khakhi greens with gold in them to highlight brown eyes. The texture of the shadows is great and I have a bunch. The only problem is that I haven't seen them around my CVS for a long while. The Milani website still has them up so they should be available. I know I'm out of the loop on this one but I got backups the moment they were on clearance at CVS. I'm desperate like that but I digress. I love pairing it up with MAC Handwritten or Milani Java Bean in the crease, a thick swash of eyeliner, and some serious mascara for an easy dramatic look.

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