Trendspotting: Tangerine Lips in Elle Magazine (Indian Edition Of Course)

I was browsing the internet once again, procrastinating and not finishing the essay that is slowly dissolving away what sanity I have left, when I found this trend in Elle India. I personally love bold lips and I don't go as neon as the model Elle has as their poster child for this trend, but a more subdued version, like NARS Heatwave, looks very glamorous and makes the trend much more wearable.


Essence of Beauty Walnut Whip Body Cream

I didn't plan on making a section for creams, lotions, scrubs etc for the body. Since I love them and have just found the body cream that I humbly attribute the power to launch a thousand shopping sprees, I figure I ought to share this obsession with you too. The body cream in question is the Essence of Beauty Walnut Whip Body Cream.

I was slumming at my local CVS (the staff there knows me as the make-up cazy girl who haunts the aisles and goes "oooohhhh prettttyyyyyy" at all the colours) when I picked up the Walnut Whip Body Cream. This comes in a round, brown tub and weighs 205 grams. The cost is a little less than $5 but I think these go on sale once in a while too.

I've been using it for the past few days and I cannot believe how much I love this cream. The texture is medium to light and it feels very airy when you apply it. It doesn't feel greasy and moisturizes quite well. I've had body creams that moisturize better but this is nothing to sneeze at. My skin doesn't get dry during the day with this cream and since it's winter I think that's an accomplishment.

As for the smell, it smells like a warm walnut and vanilla mixture which makes it a fairly sophisticated and complex. It also lasts for a long time and doesn't disappear into thin air. If you like warm, vanilla food smells, the Walnut Whip Body Cream is a great choice. I love this smell so much I can't stop marveling at how great I smell. Yes, I know, I'm complimenting myself here but this cream smells so very good.

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Great Make-up: Trisha

I cannot for the life of me find a clear pic of Kareena Kapoor at the Film Fare Awards. If you know a link, please email it to me at I'm not the most sophisticated net surfer. It's ok though, I make up for it with other positive talents such as... well... I'll get back to you on this.

This is a pic of Trisha at the 52nd Film Fare Awards. Her make-up is very low key and understated. The one thing I don't recommend that she does is to use a lighter foundation as her neck look too pasty compared to her arms etc and her hairline and face have a brown buffer zone. You know I need to make everyone's lives miserable because of this. However, this is a great, low-key look that you could easily wear every day.


Moisturize your face and under eyes with the cream and eye cream of your choice. Let it sink in for ten minutes. With a stipling brush, dot your face with a velvet finish foundation (I repeat in your skin tone) and then buff it in with a circular motion. The virtue of using a stipling brush is that it applies thin layers of make-up and so your make-up doesn't look caked on and very natural. Also, the end result looks very airbrushed and flawless. If necessary, conceal any spots, dark circles, and discolouration with the concealor of your choice. Dust translucent powder to set your make-up.

Recommendation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid, MAC 188 brush, MAC 187 brush, NYC Translucent Powder

Apply a primer on your lids to keep your shadow in place and make it as true to the pan as possible.

Recommendation: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Since the look is very simple, groomed brows make this look. Tweeze any strays and comb brows with a spoolie brush. Although the brows are very groomed, they aren't overly darkened. So fill them in only where necessary and set with brow gel.

Recommendation: Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator

Apply a peachy gold shadow from lashline to slightly above the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Honey Lust

Apply a shimmery, light peachy gold shade on the brow bone and blend into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Ricepaper

Take a deep, matte black liner in the formula of your choice and create a medium-thick liner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. On the bottom lash line, I recommend a pencil or gel liner to line the entire lower lash line and waterline.

Recommendation: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner, Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Curl your lashes to get maximum impact and coat with one or two coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes. If you have any clumps, comb them out with a lash comb.

Recommendation: Maybelline XXL mascara

With a stipling brush, apply a peachy bronze blush very, very lightly from the apples of the cheeks to the temple. When I say apply lightly, I mean that the blush should be only very slightly more intense than barely noticeable.

Recommendation: MAC Peachtwist

Apply a pigmented plummy brown lip gloss to finish the look.

Recommendation: Stila Brown Sugar Lip Glaze

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Magazine Excerpt: Foundations Recommendations for Kajol, Priyanka, and Amisha

Browsing around the internet in search of a clear picture of Kareena Kapoor at the Film Fare Awards, I found this picture on I am very grateful to whoever uploaded this image because we learn more about the mysterious make-up of the stars. So next time you read that they state "I wake up looking this good, in fact I don't even know what foundation is; I'm this naturally pretty," you can smirk with the knowledge of a seasoned cynic knowing at least the foundations of three different stars.

Kajol uses Guerlain Divinora Compact Powder Foundation. Although I am pretty sure they use a liquid one of appearances etc. Priyanka uses Clinique Super Balanced Compact. Amisha Patel uses Giorgio Armani Designer foundation. Take it for what it is and let me know what you think.

Gag Me With a Blush Brush. Beauty News: Too Pretty to Fly

I gagged while writing that deadline. Convulsed with violent contractions and foamed at the mouth in disgust. When you watch this video, keep a bucket near you in case it makes you very sick and you can't control the gagging. I still am.

Nahomi's Make-up Picks

This time I'm featuring Nahomi's make-up favourites. If you obsessively love your make-up too, let me know at It would be great if you could tell me why you love the products (this is really important) and shade specifics would be great. So enjoy Nahomi's favourites for now.

Lakme: Manish Malhotra's Collection Freespirit
Note, I couldn't find pictures of the collection so enjoy the unveiling of the freespirit make-up on Indrani Dasgupta who's wearing the shades.

I love this winter collection "Freespirit" by Manish Malhotra, mainly the quartet eyeshadow Peacock. The colors are just fabulous!

Lakme Nine to Five Lipsticks

I also like lipsticks from nine to five collection: Earth, Caramel, Expresso, Crème Brûlée, Terracotta, Apple crush. These are very matte, looks natural on me and texture is great. I have a dusky skin so this kind of colours suits me well.

Lakme: Ritu Beri Double Colour Lipsticks

Ritu Beri's double colour lipsticks are also good and very fun.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

I use Revlon's colorstay eyeliner which is the best. It doesn't smudge!

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

For the gloss just one word: DIOR! Dior Addict's Ultra Gloss reflect collection is divine. It's pearly and moisturise my lips well.

Clinique Almost Make-up

My foundation is from Clinique: Almost Make-up SPF 15. I love it because it's 3 in one: oil free (I have a combination skin), sunscreen and waterproof. what do you want more?

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I Can't Stop Laughing Long Enough to Think of a Decent Title for This Post

Since I added a Bollywood and Style section a while back, I feel I can drag this unfortunate picture through the mud. It's not necessarily the make-up or the hair that bugs me In fact, when I'm in a kinder, more accepting mood I would have even compliment the blush (which almost leads me to say a prayer of thanks that there's only one pair of cheeks visible), nude lips, and Kohl rimmed eyes. So what am I complaining about, right?

Take a step back from your monitor, and look at the styling of the clothes. I think the blouse is actually very pretty and would look great with a nice pair of pants. It's the "shorts-will-do-fine-for-this-look-at-me-I'm-so-hot-na?" look where a decent pair of pants or a nice skirt are out of the question! Eureka we have it! Pants! Pants, people, that's what's wrong with this look. I understand she's going for the sexy look, but the look is so incomplete and unrefined looking by wearing a pair of very short shorts to this look. Which is where I come to my point: sexy does not have to equal badly styled.

Now that the style quotient has been explained away, I'd like to concentrate briefly on the pose. I have not been able to stop laughing from the instant I started writing this post. I have verified that this isn't an overly explanatory/instructional ad for those suffering from constipation or an ad for a laxative company. Badly styled and very badly posed ruins the gorgeous make-up and pretty blouse. And as a final note, I still can't stop laughing dammit!

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Aishwarya's Mascara Ad

I think we can all agree that mascara commercials are misleading. When I was an innocent, uncorrupted soul, I used to believe that masacara commercials would mirror the lashes I'd get from using the mentioned product. A lot of frustration, tears, and not to mention clumpy lashes later (imagine 8 coats of thickening mascara on my poor lashes), the truth dawned to me in one of my Photoshop classes. A while ago, L'oreal was called out on its misleading mascara commercial featuring Penelope Cruz. Looking at Aishwarya's new mascara commercial, methinks not much has changed. She still looks great though and I'm very tempted to try out the shadow she's wearing.

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Look: Grey Eyes

So here I am again with a full face look. I like using a cream eyeshadow and then top it off with a similar coloured powder eyeshadow. This helps hold the shadow longer, stop creasing, and intensify the colour. I like using medium grays and one darker gray as an accent. Also, feel free to substitute the products I'm using with similar shades from other brands. The blush I used in this look was a limited release for a collection that came out last year. If you're looking for it, you can still find it on ebay and at outlets (at a much nicer price too).

Make-up used:

  • Besame translucent powder
  • Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Galaxy
  • Tarte The Real McCoy eyeshadow
  • MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow
  • Hard Candy Buttered Popcorn powder eyeshadow. Again, the crappiest brow highlight out there, but I was too lazy to dig into my stash for another shade.
  • Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink gel liner. For this look, I think a simple pencil liner would actually be the easiest option. I used a gel liner because... well, I'm a predictable creature who clings to her habits.
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara
  • Bobbi Brown Pink Rose
  • Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip liner
  • Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip gloss
Tools used:
  • MAC 129 brush to apply the translucent powder
  • MAC 242 brush to pat on the cream shadow
  • MAC 239 brush to apply the powder eyeshadow
  • MAC 222 brush to apply the crease colour
  • MAC 219 brush to line my lower lid with the crease colour and to smudge the gel liner
  • Windsor and Newton angeled brush for applying the gel liner
  • Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush to apply the blush
Step 1:
I didn't use any tinted moisturizer, complexion enhancer, foundation etc. for this look. However, if you want to use something to even out your skintone, I'd recommend a light tinted moisturizer. Keep the skin looking as natural as possible. Then apply translucent powder to set your make-up.

Step 2:
With the 242 brush, pat on the Bobbi Brown Galaxy cream shadow on the lid.

Step 3:
Apply Tarte's The Real McCoy on top of the Galaxy cream shadow with the 239 brush.

Step 4:
Define the crease by applying the MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow in the crease with the 222 brush. Blend out the crease colour with the same brush.

Step 5:
Line your lower lash line with Knight Divine using the 219 brush. Keep it as close to the lash line as possible. You don't want to make the line too thick or it will look too raccoon-eyed otherwise.

Step 6:
Apply the Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink gel liner with the angeled liner brush. On the top lid, make the line of medium thickness and on the lower lid make the liner very thin. You can line your lower waterline if you feel comfortable doing so.

Step 7:
Make sure the 219 brush is clean and blend out the liner on the top and bottom lid until you have a smoky result. If you want a little extra definition, you can line your top lash line as close to the lash line as possible (make sure the liner is not too obvious since you want it to look soft and smoky).

Step 8:
Blend the brow highlight on the brow bone and into the crease with the 239 brush.

Step 9:
Curl your lashes if you need and generously coat your upper and lower lashes with the Cover Girl Last Blast mascara.

Step 10:
Smile and apply the Bobbi Brown Pink Rose blush with the Face Blender brush on the apple of the cheek. Blend out towards the temple. Since the eyes are fairly dark, you want to make the blush subtle so be sure to use a light hand.

Step 11:
Line your lips with the Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip liner.

Step 12:
Finish the look by applying the Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip gloss.

Besame Noir Red: Deep, Dark Red Lipstick

This is not quite a full-on FOTD, but bear with me while I get to that. I know some of you wanted reviews on red lipsticks or a look incorporating red lipstick. I have a review here of Besame's Noir Red. So put on a pair of sunglasses (it makes my teeth look W-H-I-T-E and I couldn't help showing it off. I'm not concerned about your ability to see, I'm sorry. Not when my teeth look this white.)

First off, let me start by saying how incredibly irritating the size of Besame's lipsticks are. They are the same size as a sample lipstick I once received at the Shiseido counter. The company states that the formula of the lipsticks is very richly pigmented so you use less. I'm not sure how accurate I would say this assessment is, but I do agree that the lipsticks are very pigmented. The lipsticks are also rich, creamy, non-drying, and long lasting.

Noir Red is an intensely pigmented deep blackberry red. It's not for the faint of heart but it is fairly easy to wear since it's not a straight-up, screaming red. This colour would suit a wide variety of skintones, but I think this was made for us darker skinned ladies. Furthermore, if you also have the problem of two-toned lips you'll find that Noir Red does a good job of fooling you into thinking your lips are both the same colour. This never happens to me unless I'm wearing a generous dose of lip liner.

All you nc45s of more should definitely try out this colour if you ever get yourself over the ridiculously small size of the lipstick (can you tell that this is an issue for me). The colour is so glamorous and so pigmented that I feel like the tiny size of the lipstick is worth it.

Our First Lowlight in a Long Time

With all the amazing support I'm getting from all of you, I feel like I've lost my fangs, claws, and venom. It was high time for me to unleash my honed eagle-eye that can spot erratic eyeliner abuse, paler-than-a-corpse-lips, and ghastly brassy hair. Fear not, for I turn human and semi-nice right afterwards. So without further ado, here's our lowlight for this session.

I am not sure who exactly this woman is, other than that her name is Parmeshwar Godrej, she's very wealthy, and she attended the Balaji TV awards that were held on Feb 2nd . If I were as wealthy as she is rumoured to be, I would spend my time trying to look my best and, most importantly, find a stylist who wasn't trying to make me channel Donatella Versace. With all due respect to the latter, I think she's proven that the human-leather-handbag-look is a combination of the following: a. unattractive, b. (horrendously) frightening, c. emulating the look of a pair of well-worn faux croc pleather shoes I saw once. Whatever combination you come up with, it's not a good one I am sure.

Coming back to our Desi-Donatella (I think it's a catchy nickname don't you think), where do we start with the obvious flaws? Is it the overly drawn-on eyebrows, the ill-fitting gold blouse that makes her otherwise flattering hair colour seem brassy, or the bronzer that was applied in the dark by a aging and legally blind make-up artist? Again, I challenge you to come up with a flattering combination because I can't come up with one.

On an objective note, this woman could look elegant if her look were tailored to bringing out the best of her face and not obscuring it. She seems to have great eyes, lips and general bone structure. The only thing she doesn't seem to have is a stylist with a working lamp so he or she can see what they're doing