I have a couple of updates for you ladies. The first being that i searched myself mad for Chanceuxj's email and other information. I couldn't find it and realized that I really need her to email me. So Chanceuxj, if you're reading this, please send me an email.

Secondly, I have so many updates and such slow internet that it takes forever to upload my images. I'll have updates tomorrow. I promise. As for now, I still cannot stop raving about MUFE's Full Cover concealor. An hour and a half session of Bharathanatyam in the morning and another hour in the evening and it's still doing a great job. Anyway, more beauty updates coming your way tomorrow.


Kacey. said...

I just bought the MUFE Full cover concealer... and I fucking love it.

It's definitely worth the 30 bucks. Hope you're enjoying your trip!

1:47 PM
Soho500 said...

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