Oenobiol, the Solution to My Problems?

In recent beauty news, I had something of a heart attack/pigs can't fly moment when I saw the following ad in the December issue of Belgian Elle.

Supposedly, the Oenobiol tablets contain grape seed and blueberry extracts along with vitamin c that activate the micro circulation of the skin (under the eyes I assume) from within. Consequently, this is supposed to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes.

I'm not sure whether to run away screaming from the world taunting me with false hope or run away screaming so I can find an appropriate place to do cartwheels out of (false?) hope. Either way, I'm curious. And hopeful. And skeptical.
image source: www.pharmasite.eu


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Hylexin? I've heard some pretty mixed reviews but apparently, this is some serious stuff...

9:16 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi there anonymous! I've been using Hylexin for about 6 months now and I have't noticed much difference at all ;(

5:25 AM
Anonymous said...

Hello, i've tried oenobiol during 4 months and i didn't noticed any difference! just a waste of money!

8:18 AM
Another Kiran In NYC said...

Are you still having fun in India?

Have you ever reviewed those Kajal stubby things like fat lipsticks that I used to see in India many eons ago. The ones that made half my face smeary in about half an hour. Have they improved in staying capacity? The look is fabulous, and I can never replicate it with liquid or pencil.

I have much love for your blog. Can I blog roll it on mine? I am putting it on now and if you object I can always take it away. I must must introduce your blog to folks who read mine. You are doing yoeman service for desi gals like me! So thank you!

5:09 PM
jan said...

hi there,
i'm a big fan of your blog and i was wondering whether you'd be able to answer a makeup Q of mine. i'm a dark skinned girl and like most other dark skinned girls, i use foundation to try and make my skin lighter. when i wear my foundation at home, it looks nice because i buy foundation with yellow undertones so i don't look grey. however, in pics, i look grey =| do you know why this is? do u have any recommendations for foundations?

4:32 AM
Anonymous said...

Can you do a post on Freida Pinto's make-up at the Golden Globes award ceremony? I can't say I cared for the dress, but her make-up was truly lovely.

12:29 PM
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