Manna from the Gods: Make-up Forever's Full Cover Concealor

Usually, I consider concealors for the under-eyes something of a fool's gold. They look good on me for an instant but crease terribly and end up disappearing within an hour. For some odd reason, I decided to give the Full Cover concealor a try and I'm glad I did.

When a product lives up to its claims on my oily skin in the humidity in Chennai and after a 2 hour-long bharathanatyam dance session, you know you've struck beauty gold. The Full Cover concealor provides excellent coverage and dries (quickly) to, according to the company anyway, a waterproof finish. I'm not sure exactly how accurate that last claim is but imagine how sweaty I must have been after my dance sessions and then imagine my under-eye circles still sufficiently hidden. I don't think I've come across another concealor that wears this well.

The consistency of the concealor is not cream enough on its own so I really recommend using an eye-cream with this concealor. I've also notices that I get much better results when I apply the concealor with a brush rather than my fingers. The brush that seems to get the best results is Bobbi Brown's concealor brush. However, the coverage and finish you get any way you apply it is pretty amazing. Another good thing about the Full Cover concealor is the range of shades that are available. My shade is No. 12 and it fits my nc45 skin very well.

So far, I don't think I have found a concealor to beat this one (although I'm sure there are). It truly is a holy grail item for me.


Preeti said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for the review. I'm seriously considering trying this concealer out because I have the same problem with creasing under my eyes.

On a side note, I hope you're enjoying your dance classes as well as the December season in Chennai. I too travel to Chennai to learn from my guru there. I would love to know who your teacher is. Have fun!

5:59 AM
anshu7 said...

Hi. I am from India as well. I have this concealer and love it too. But I was under the impression that this was for blemishes.Try this concealer on ur acne or scars and it covers fabulously! I use MUFE Lift concealer for undereye. doesnt the full cover concealer crease undereye?

9:15 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu ,

Are u performing during the december kacheri season , I am impressed !

I am always on lookout for a concealor , will definitely give this a try
Have you checked out beauty products by biotique, vlcc or aromatherapy some of them are pretty good

have a great trip!


6:13 PM
Join the Gossip said...

I will have to try this! Happy holidays!

2:38 PM
zee said...

Anu, where can we buy this in US ?
Hope you have more fun in India.

7:35 PM
Anonymous said...

Did you pick this up in nidia or at sephora . if in india where?

7:00 PM
Anonymous said...

hi Anu,
I am the national trainer for MUFE in India and would like to tell you that the brand doesnt recommend full cover for the undereye(since it gives an extremely waterproof finish removal of which could be a bit harsh for the delicate undereye skin) . This is an extreme camouflage cream and meant for surgical and dermatological camouflages. I agree with your comment on this being a non creamy formula as it consists of volatile silicon oils wbhich provide moisture while applying and then quickly evaporate. I recommend you be extra careful while removing it so as to not harm the undereye skin!!

11:15 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous: i read the ingredients of the concealor and it doesn't have an irritating properties. what i do is use a hell of an under-eye moisturizer and use the concealor mainly near my nose. i think as make-up artists we tweak the uses here and there as logn as it works and it doesn't irritate the face :). but i would love it if you would shoot me an email as i'd love to talk to you more about make-up in india.

2:17 PM

Anu said...

also, i've met a few make-up artists who use mufe full cover concealor for under the eyes as it's not irritating but covers so well. i really recommend using nature's gate vit e. oil very lightly on the under eyes when using it.

2:20 PM

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anu, very nice blog! Loved it... Just one question - where can I buy MUFE products in India? Thank you!


1:05 AM
Win said...

Where did you get yours from? And is the shade 12 you use under your eye area lighter than your foundation?

11:43 AM
Anonymous said...


6:01 AM
Murano Glass said...

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2:49 AM
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