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So after reading the entries, I have to say there was one that truly stuck out to me. Not to revel in her shame but Chanceuxj's entry about the insect in the lipgloss was pretty embarassing and so she wins the flat iron. Here's her entry:

My favorite products are NYC retro red lipstick, Nars mata hari, and Bobbi Brown's peony.

I love retro red because it's cheap, but also the perfect bright retro red. I like to matte the color so it doesn't look like the traditional red, but something a little funky and retro. I like to think of a French movie siren.

I like mata hari because it makes my complexion glow, same with peony. I was really surprised at how well peony works.

My most embarrassing beauty moment was when I was wearing Bobbi Brown's lipgloss which is notoriously sticky. Being that it was summer there were a lot of insect creatures in the air. Apparently during my travels a fruit fly got stuck to my lip and because my full lips were so numb from gloss I couldn't feel it. So there I am some time later talking to a guy with a voluptuous bodied and curvaceous fruit fly stuck to my lip.


ZenDenizen said...

Thanks for the tip!

Also try Benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer from Sephora sometime...

1:46 PM
TianneMarie said...

Hi! What a great blog you have! I read several pages worth and I love your zip and fun commentary- I laughed out loud a few times! I'm a makeup artist in Utah and I think Indian women are beyond gorgeous- YOU, dear thing are in that stratosphere! Not to mention your blog made my morning! Thank you. I also feel that Nars' Mata Hari is such an overlooked shade- that Orgasm shade seems to have stolen the spotlight.

Anyhoo- love your blog! Plan to follow and appreciate your take on makeup, thank you!


6:56 AM
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