Some of My Essentials Part 1

I had a request for some of my essential make-up items and here is the first installment.

Smashbox Bliss or Smashbox Champagne

Forget the eternal MAC Ricepaper or Shroom eyeshadows. Bliss and Champagne are two buttery soft shadows that have the right colour composition and frost. They make the perfect highlighting shade. One quick swipe across the browbone and my eyes get a lift and look alive and awake. And did I mention that the texture is to die for?


This seems to work better than any fancy lipbalm out there. It's an essential that saves my cracked, bleeding lips everytime. It's not fancy but it works.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium

One of my favourite products. It's a no-brainer really. It's matte and so natural that it's become my go-to bronzer. I use it as a blush, contour, or, and here's a shocker, bronzer. Because it doesn't have shimmer and doesn't have deep orange undertones there's no leather handbag
quality to the look I end up with.

Vasanti Eye Pencil in Black

Lately I've become too lazy to put on my gel eyeliner so I've resorted to a quick swipe of kohl pencil. All kohl pencils smudge on me but the Vasanti eye pencil is one of the more resilient ones. The reason I love it is that t glides on smoothly, without tugging in the least and it is intensely black. It makes for a gorgeous quick smoulder. In the picture I'm wearing the pencil liner on my waterline and smudged slightly along my top lashes.

image source:,,, my own pic


quest said...

The link does not work

7:19 PM
Anonymous said...

what eyeshadow ur wearing.
it would be nice if u do a breakdown of your eye makeup where u wearing the vasanti eyeliner

11:41 AM
mm said...

omg! thank you for posting about the bobbi brown bronzer!!! Ive been looking for a bronzer without shimmer for the past year! and since I'm not a makeup diva ;)I didnt know that bobbi brown had one. THANK YOU

4:50 PM
Mukho said...

Talking about smudgy eye pencils, I seem to have found one that wont move no matter what!! Its the Max Factor twist up pencil, I have it in ... god only knows what the shade's name is, it got rubbed out from staying in my bag all the time, anyway its a deep black, and wont even come out with soap and water, forget make up remover. The only thing that works on it is vaseline. Tends to tug a bit when its brand new, but softens to just right afterwards :)

12:26 AM

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