My First Giveaway: Karmin Titanium Flat Iron

Starting from November 28 to December 20, 2008 I will be having a giveaway. The people at were kind enough to give a Karmin titanium flat iron to one lucky reader. If you'd like to see the results that can be achieved with the flat iron, check out the My Hair Styling Tools Blog. The giveaway is open to anyone in the US and Canada and to enter please email me the following:

  • Your name
  • Two of your favourite beauty products and why you love them so much
  • A very embarassing beauty related story/mishap.

I will announce the winner on December 23, 2008 and post the winning entry.

Also, I have to codes for
DIVA25 - Good for $25 off any Karmin Titanium Hair straightener
DIVA10 - Good for $10 off any item


Yashoda17 said...

Im Yashoda.
My favourite beauty products are MACs gold deposit skin finish because it gives off such an amazing glow. I also love their rubenesque paint pot as it is a great base and even really pretty alone!

An embarassing story definately has to be the time when I was at a leadership conference and it was the first day. I left home perfectly normal with a clean face but somehow when I went to the bathroom I found out that I had mascara smudges on my eyelids and I had a black line across my nose from something I touched and rubbed.

I love reading your blog... you have great tutorials and news clips!

7:36 PM
chanceuxj said...

My favorite products are NYC retro red lipstick, Nars mata hari, and Bobbi Brown's peony. I love retro red because it's cheap, but also the perfect bright retro red. I like to matte the color so it doesn't look like the traditional red, but something a little funky and retro. I like to think of a French movie siren. I like mata hari because it makes my complexion glow, same with peony. I was really surprised at how well peony works.

My most embarrassing beauty moment was when I was wearing Bobbi Brown's lipgloss which is notoriously sticky. Being that it was summer there were a lot of insect creatures in the air. Apparently during my travels a fruit fly got stuck to my lip and because my full lips were so numb from gloss I couldn't feel it. So there I am some time later talking to a guy with a voluptuous bodied and curvaceous fruit fly stuck to my lip.

1:25 AM
Av said...

Hi Anu,

I simply love reading your blog!

I think it's extremely informative and also fun!
In terms of favourite makeup products, they've got to be Bare Naturel by L'Oreal and Butter nail polish (from England).

i love the fact that Bare Naturel leaves my skin looking soft and fresh, while Butter nail polish is simply unbeatable in terms of quality hence longevity.

In terms of embarassing incidents, i think discovering my foundation powder on my crisp shirt coller instead of on my face, discovering that it also left the skin above my upper lip looking dark (as if i had a moustache!), top the list!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way....maybe you could help me with a frequent problem with lip gloss. Why is it that some lip gloss products leave dried out white lines on my lips, displaying a clear division between where it was applied and the inner part of the lips?

Keep up the fantastic job your doing.

And the best for the coming New Year!

Chao bella


3:33 PM
Kat C. said...

My favorite beauty products are:
1. Venus & Mars Lip Balm- made from emu oil, and is the only lip balm that I'm not allergic to
2. Mineral Makeup- the only makeup that doesnt break me out. You can just imagine how sensitive my skin is.

Ive many embarrassing stories to tell. But once, while I was in class, my lips were so dry that i borrowed a lipgloss of one of my classmates. Not caring what it was, i slicked it on my lips. I was wondering why my professor was looking at me like weird, it turned out the gloss was blue, and so were my lips!


8:01 AM
Anonymous said...

I'm Jenna!
My favorite beauty products are Guerlain eye kohl and Vincent Longo lipsticks. Pricey, but the both tend to last forever and I can scrimp other places. No other products even come close to their quality, imo.

My most embarrassing beauty moment was when a bird pooped in my hair on the way to class. Somehow, I didn't catch it. So I spent all day with crusty bird poo in my hair, and NO ONE EVEN TOLD ME.

1:02 AM
AvocadoLover said...

Hi, I'm Carmen. My favorite two beauty products are 1) Carmex lip balm and 2) Make-Up Forever high definition powder.

When I was 8 years old, I was looking at a bunch of celebrity pics. I decided that I was up to the challenge of cutting my own hair. Now, usually people have an internal alarm system to prevent such stupid ideas from actually taking root... but back then I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Instead of hearing alarms of doom I was convinced that my idea was completely foolproof. So foolproof, in fact, that I locked myself in the bathroom and started cutting away.

"Snip." Hmmm... that line wasn't exactly straight.

Better try again.

"Snip." Uh oh... this isn't going so well.

"Snip." My mother is going to kill me if I don't fix this pretty soon.

"Snip, snip, snip..."

Eventually my mom called for me, and, after convincing myself that my hair wasn't THAT bad, I left the bathroom and bounded down the stairs. Maybe no one would notice after all...

As I rounded the corner, I will never forget the look of absolute shock on my mother's face, nor will I forget the piercing sound that came from somewhere deep inside her throat. The reality of what I had done hit me like a sack of wet clay. "AAAEEEEIIIII!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!"

Several months passed before my hair was in workable shape again. And to this day, I have an intense aversion to scissors.

1:48 AM
Sarah said...

Hi, couldn't find your email so I thought i'd leave a comment to enter for the prize.

my two favorite beauty products are 1) my kohl eyeliner
2) burts bees chapstick

My most embarrassing story would have to be when this one time I finally decided that I would try out the very in smokey eye look. Normally I wear glasses so I'm very used to rubbing my eyes and things like that and so not used to wearing contacts. So anyway, I left the house looking decent enough, but apparently sometime on the way to the party, I smudged my eye make up to where it looked like I had raccoon eyes instead of the hot smokey eyes and on top of that, a little bit of liner/shadow got in my eye, and around my lenses making it looking like my eye was black from the inside too. It was horrible. I didnt realize this all was going on until my friend told me about 45 mins into the party.

4:23 PM
deadSAVVY said...

Hi Anu!
I've been a lurker on your site for sometime, but I LOVE and appreciate your blog and insights!

My name is Nabila

my 2 favorite beauty products would have to be
1. MAC's Studio finish Concealer: I've been getting breakouts on my face lately and am left with scars for some reason, it's never happened before! The reason I love this concealer isfor it's full coverage and it is very effective in covering scars!

2. MAC's Feline kohl power: My favorite black liner becuse the color is very intense and lasts all day on my waterline. I set it with MAC's carbon eyeshadow as well.

Now for my embarrassing story! A couple of years ago(I think I was 17) I was getting ready for school. At the time I had no idea of how to use an eyelash curler, but I borrowed my mom's anyway. I put on 2 thick coats of mascara, then ent to heat up the eyelash curler with my hair dryer. I heard somewhere that it would hold the curl longer. I curled my left eyelashes and I tried to take the curler off but it was stuck...So I kind of yanked it off and to my surprise I had pulled of two thirds of my eyelashes off! I immediately threw the curler down and was in total disbelief! I had to go to school that day, so what I did to hide my left eye was parted my hair so that it was all to that side of my face heehee..My most embarrassing moment!

Well thanks! and I hope you've enjoyed my story =)

12:26 PM
Suni said...

Hi Anu,

My name is Suni and the following are my two favorite beauty products:

1. Physcian's Formula "Miami Strip" shimmer strips. I love this product because it gives my skin tone (which is very similar to yours) a nice healthy glow without making me look like the tin man. :D

2. Burt's Bee's Avocado Butter hair treatment. I use this as a deep conditioner once a week and it leaves my hair feeling very soft and shiny for days after use.

My embarrassing story: I was once at some Indian function with my family when I was like 17 years old. It started to get a little boring so my friends and I went out in front of the hotel where we chatted, standing next to a parked car in the semi-circle drive way. I can remember this as if it were yesterday -- it was a pine green Toyota Camry with very tinted windows -- they were so tinted that the outside was almost a completely reflective surface. I looked inside the car at the front two seats and there was no one in the car so I proceeded to check my make-up, fix my bindi, fix my hair, put on a fresh coat of lip gloss and even some powder using the back-seat window as my mirror. After I was happy with my reflection, I suddenly thought I noticed two big, dark, aged eyes staring back at me from inside the car. I cupped both sides of my face and inched my face as close as I could get it to the window to peer inside and when I did...there was an Indian woman, old enough to be my grandmother, staring right back at me. I pulled back, looked at my friends who were cracking up, and could do nothing but run as fast as I could away from there. Needless to say, I was mortified!

5:03 PM
Addictd2Fashn said...

I'm Alisha.

My favorite beauty products are:

1.MAC lipsticks in Faux,HoneyLove,Angel,&Russian Red-complements my skin perfectly. (i am desi!)

2.NARS Laguna & Orgasm duo-the best bronzer out there. Not too much shimmer, just the right amount of color...Orgasm gives a little pink touch...

My most embarassing beauty related mishap is when i was getting ready in my car after my class to go out clubbing with my best friend & when the pictures came out on the CLUB WEBSITE i realized i had WAY too much blush on and i looked like an oompa i had some skin disease!!! it was sooo embarassing!!! and no one told me!

8:38 PM
Amber said...

Hi, I'm Amber. Great blog!! This giveaway is awesome.

My fav products are MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, it's the perfect eyeliner for me. I also love NARS blush in Orgasm, because it gives me cheeks a healthy sweet flushed look.

My beauty mishap was going out on a date, while getting ready I was bleaching my "upper lip", and when my door rang I thought it was my friend coming over to bring me her necklace to borrow for the date, but it was my date instead! So he saw me with bleaching cream on my "girl stache". So embarassing, lol.

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

9:12 PM
Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Suni :)I cracked up reading her story. I'm sure most of us have gone through that..and i'm embarrased to admit I've too.

8:05 PM
lpnott said...

Hi, I'm Lata! I love your blog!

My two favorite beauty products are
1. Chanel's Double Perfection Compact Foundation. It's wonderful, it evens out my skin tone and makes my oily skin look matte.
2. Bobbi Brown Corrector. It covers up my dark under eye circles, whicn on a normal day can make me look live I've been punched in the face--twice.

My most embarassing story: around the time I was twelve-years-old I started getting hair in my upper lip area. At first, I hoped it would go away, but over the course of a few months it only became thicker and thicker, until I had a genuine mustache growing in. Naturally, I was mortified. I was also a big drug store beauty product junkie. One day I spotted a product called Silky Smooth, that guaranteed that it would eliminate my facial hair in a matter of minutes. I immediately bought some. I followed the directions to a T--slathered it on, waited five minutes, then washed it on. The delipatory was so strong it burned my skin, leaving me with a painful, ugly red rash for about a month. Thank god I discovered threading when I was fourteen...

3:54 PM
Anonymous said...


My name is Priti.

My favorite beauty products are Eucerin cream for my lips at night. It leaves them nice and soft and flake free :)Nothing else seems to work.

My other favorite beauty product is Joey's Calm and Correct cleanser. I love the gel like texture and how soft it leaves my skin. I live in a very cold area and this cleanser cleans my face without stripping it.

My most embarrassing beauty story was when I was growing up, I had a mustache and my mom would not allow me to wax or thread it. She only allowed me to bleach it. I bleached it and mistakenly let the cream sit on my face for too long, ending up with a bright orange mustache, which was worse than what I started out with!

Thanks so much for this cool contest and allowing us to share these thoughts :) I love reading your blog!


11:24 AM
zafiro80 said...
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zafiro80 said...

My fave beauty product is the Arbonne Ginger Citrus Body Lotion. It's creamy and thick and has a gentle citrus-ginger smell whic is intoxicating. I never have to reapply it in the winter unlike other lotions I've used in the past.

My other is Covergirl Smoothwear Liptints in Blush Wine. It has shea butter, vitamin E and aloe in it to keep my lips smooth and it's an evyerthing color that is great when i don't know what lipstick i wna tto wear or am in a rush.

Embarrasing Story: The weather was horrible and i had a party to go to at a neighboring college. Trying to dry my gelled hair gently with the dryer resulted in an afro which i couldn't fix and we were running late so i had to go to the party with my hair looking horrible. It was just not fun. what was worst i coudln't leave the party because i had gotten a ride up.

3:59 PM
Murat said...

My favorite beauty products are Smith's Rosebud Salve because I can use it for anything and Rimmel London Kohl eyeliner in black. I always wear eyeliner and this does the trick.

My embarrassing story was when I accidentally grabbed my roommates foundation in a hurry, mixed it with moisturizer, and quickly smeared it on my face without a mirror (that's how i roll in the morning), only to find that I was 5 shades darker than I should have been when I went to the bathroom at school. I totally was not expecting to look two-toned.

I love your blog :)

8:43 AM
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