Guerlain Meteorites: Alternative to Fair and Lovely

Whenever I'm gone for a while it seems my sarcasm must return in full force to make up for my absence. I truly feel that the snark in the title shows my disappointment sufficiently.

I had long been tempted to buy the Guerlain meteorites and I have tried them out several times on my hands. It was a bit glittery so I always skipped it. My curiosity got to me and after almost a year, yes a year (praise my self-restraint people), I finally tried Beige Chic, Mythic and Pink Freeze on my face.

On lighter skin, it would be beautiful I'm sure. Since nothing spectacular happened on my face I'm not sure exactly what the beautiful effect would be but I'm trying to be fair to the product. On my nc45 skin tone however, all I got was a lightening of my make-up. After trying out each colour meteorites at separate occasions, I noticed it looked like I was wearing a face powder that was too light for my skin tone. In fact, I was asked during every attempt if I knew that my foundation should be "the colour of my skin, not the colour I wish my skin was" by various people.

As for the glow, this is where the Fair and Lovely comparison comes in. The glow I was looking for eluded me. There was no subtle dim lighting surrounding my face as the meteorites simply lightened my face. Unfortunately, none of the shades made any impact resembling a soft, diffused glow. If you're looking for a soft glow this holiday and if you have a skintone like mine, skip this product altogether.

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Kohl Girl said...

Interesting! This is one of those elusive makeup items that I have always wanted to try because the ads are just so darn pretty but never really made myself buy I know to skip it!!

10:15 AM
Anonymous said...

Anu, tried anything by La Mer? If you have, what was it and pls review it! Thanks!

6:45 PM
Anu said...

hey kohl girl:
i was so excited to try the meteorites but unfortunately they didnt do much for me. I actually prefer other finishing powders to this one and it was just such a waste.

hey anonymous:
I have tried some la mer products and will be sure to review them

10:25 PM

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