Crabtree and Evelyn Conditioning Body Lotion

In the winter months I like to stick to heavier cream, in fact I am addicted to body oils and body butters during that time. However, since the weather is not yet technically at a stage where your tears form tiny icicles in your tear ducts I don't need to break out the heavy artillery.
The Crabtree and Evelyn conditioning body lotion contains lemon and coriander essential oils and reminds me a lot of something similar from the Bath and Body works scent-wise. The lotion however sinks in quicker and therefore seems to moisturizer better. It doesn't leave a greasy film behind and feels quite light.

The scent is very light and pleasant. As noted, it smells of lemon and coriander. Don't be afraid that the coriander part will make you smelling like body odour or like you just finished cooking your favourite Indian curry. It brings a touch of warmth to the smell and grounds the lemon. All in all, it's a great basic moistuizer with a really yummy smell.


raj said...

nice blog to know abt different body lotions..
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11:49 AM
Zeenat said...

Thanks for this review.. Lots of new products coming out everyday and its hard to keep an eye on all of them! Have you tried out the parachute advansed body lotion? I've read some rave reviews of it and would love to see a review by you. It has coconut milk and its got a nice fragrance and I'd love to buy it!

10:12 PM

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