Update: Dying Over My Comps

I know I've been very MIA lately but I have my comprehensive exams on the 19th of this month. I'm in a zombie state of sleeplessness and nerves. If all goes well no more exams for a while for me. After my comps I'll have a bunch of things up, but until then radical thoughts of burning textbooks it is.


Pongers said...

Good luck Anu! I hope how it can get sometimes...wishing you much success in your exams babe.


p.s. love your blog btw!

5:10 AM
Arabesque said...

Anu!! You deserted the blog for nearly a month - that's not fair :'(

All the best with your exams. We missed you! x

8:13 AM
Sara said...

What the hell Anu?
I know plenty of girls who study medical and still get time to update blogs. Your posts arent that comprehensive even if youd like to believe it.

4:56 PM
Alisha said...

First you said you were getting engaged, then u have exams, what's next - you having a baby and on you need 9 months off?

4:59 PM
Anonymous said...

Wow, are we really arguing over lack of posts because the girl has a life?! Why don't you people post and CONTRIBUTE? Anu need not be the only one with informative updates, reviews and all that jazz.

6:46 PM
mariana said...

Good luck on your exams :)

3:53 AM
Nosh said...

Wow, you people are so sad. It's just makeup. Get a life! There are plenty of other blogs out there to occupy your time until she can update again. There's no need to be so damn hostile...

And btw, I am in medical school and I would never even think to start a blog because I have NO time. That is why I live vicariously through others :) So let's not over-generalize.

That said, good luck on exams Anu!

8:19 AM
Anonymous said...

Yeah your attitude is REALLY gonna make her want to come back and update... lol. Whatever, people, she only writes to help us out. You don't need to keep coming back here if her life outside the blogosphere is such a huge irritation to you. In fact, she is not even obligated to explain her absence but she does so anyway.

8:23 AM
An Indian's makeup musings said...

Well said Nosh and the Anon above me...
Good luck Anu! I know what comps are like...but once they are over, Aaah...sheer joy it is !!

8:59 AM
Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are really rude...Anu doesn't have to do this, it's not like she's getting paid. She chooses to write this blog even though she's really busy, so calm the eff down.

Anu, don't listen to them. You rock. Good luck with your exams!

2:06 PM
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2:08 PM
Jia said...

Hey Anu, great to hear that you are doing a PhD, you will make one glam prof / scientist. Good luck with the comps and subsequent research.

6:31 PM
Anonymous said...


7:38 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Good luck with your exams and its great to see u seting priorities straight.
Don't listen to some of the moronic commentors as most of us appreicate your efforts put into your blog.That said your career and studies should sit on top of your to do list not this blog.

5:11 PM
Anonymous said...

I love your eyebrows, Anu :) I just felt the need to say that.

Good luck with exams!!! And congrats on the engagement....you're truly a beautiful girl, and soon-to-be gorgeous bride. So make just tiny bit of time to post pics of the wedding when the time comes. I'll be waiting *wink*

= Occasional reader

8:34 PM
Leeann said...

Good luck! Can't wait for your posts =)

10:07 PM
zahra said...

Well, Anu all the best with your exams. Some people are just crazy, its extremely good of you to give us tips and all via this blog. When I was at med school, I never had time to do a blog. Well done.

10:32 AM
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