Skin Experiment (I Can't Believe I'm Doing This)

All of a sudden in the past two months, maybe because of extreme stress, my skin has been breaking out on my right cheek like no other. I now have a smattering of red angry scars on my right cheek. So I decided to keep a progress log here, I will just show the hated patch of red skin, where you can see the progress and see what the treatment will do.

The treatments I ordered are from make-up artist's choice. I'm just posting my progress and REALLY caution you against trying something strong if you haven't been to a derm before. I also started off with very mild treatments.

So I will post my first pic of the patch later today and I used one treatment of the TCA 12.5% at home peel. It did nothing. My marks were still red and I got three new cystic pimples because of it. I am going to post my progress with pics and description. Let me know if this is interesting to you ladies at all.


Kohl Girl said...

Hey Anu,

Ugh, I hate breaking out too like all ladies! What I've learned to get rid of breakouts in the fastest possible way is to just leave them alone and not touch and fiddle with them at all. The only thing I put on my breakouts is this product called EndZit (which comes in different skin colors) which I really really like. Good luck with the skin expirement!

1:43 PM
Nosh said...

I have been having a horrible couple of months skin-wise as well. I can't figure out if it's my makeup (since I stopped using mineral) or the stress from studying for my boards.. or both.

I am very curious to see your progress :)

2:07 PM
BongWoman said...

Hi Indian Makeup Diva...

When I get extremely stressed out, I get the same type of angry, red, deep, acne...And, my miracle cure is a topical medicine called ERYTOP..its clindamycin phosphate gel with 1% clindamycin. I got it from India...Also, with this gel, I take Neem tablets (which you can get at an Indian store). With this routine, I also take Chavanprash (the bitter stuff from India).

Ofcourse, with all this stuff, getting some antibiotics / Minocycline and taking a steroid dose pak (Medrol) would also help (I think).

This is my routine. If everything fails, the above is worth a try, right?!

Take care and gluck...

7:19 PM
10-C said...

I agree with Kohl Girl, in that you shouldn't really do THAT much different. I started getting acne and overcompensated with the experimentation of different cleaning products...and that usually produces more oils as your skin is trying to adjust. If you try anything new, I would work it slowly into your routine. Good luck.

5:37 AM
Anonymous said...


may I suggest eminence organics masks or serums. At you can get sample sizes for 2-3$ and they last fro 2 applications. The rose treatment calms irritated skin and the eight green mask is also very good for calming breakouts. I have been using their stuff for 2 months and my skin looks really good. get a lot of complements. good luck. Love your blog by the way even though i am not desi.

4:57 PM
Ranjani said...

Hey Anu,

I recently got two huge nasty looking zits on my cheek,it totally ruined two precious weeks of mine:( I didn't use anything for it, just left it dry and it cleared up after almost a month- yeah that's how horrendous it was...I'd be curious to see any kind of treatment you try.

6:45 PM
Anonymous said...

post post post! :)

7:53 PM
Anonymous said...

Girl I have been having the same problem, oddly enough on one side of my face too and it is horrible. I did a glygolic peel and it only made things worse. I am panicking because the new acne is leaving marks and i Don't know what to do....the potential scarring is what really scares me. Do you know what to do about post-acne scarring? Please help!!!

7:15 PM
beauty addict said...

I've had excellent results with a very simple (and affordable) skincare product. Try the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, this stuff is amazing! I've had acne breakouts for months, and tried some super-expensive spa treatments with absolutely no results.

This mask helps clear up the pores and really gets the buildup out, fast. My skin started clearing up in about 2-3 days, I can't say enough about the product.

5:52 PM
acne cure said...

Teenage acne gives lots of trouble to the girls as well as boys. Due to pimples, whiteheads, blackheads the skin becomes rough and oily and leaves spot on the face. With the help of natural treatment and laser treatment, it can be improved.

3:35 AM
Anonymous said...

i was having acne problem nd pimples on my face but now i m using erytop lotion fromlast 1 month....nd its very usefull nd shows m having clear skin....its best nd having no side eefects

3:36 PM
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