MAC Lustre Twin Boss Brown/Slave to Pink Review

I'm something of a lipstick, lipgloss, and lipbalm junkie. There's a word for people like me but I don't think it can be used in polite society so I'll let you guess the exact phrase you could use to describe my obsession. When MAC came out with their Lustre Twins I rolled my eyes since I'm not a very big fan of their pro-longwear lippies in general. However, the Boss Brown/Slave to Pink duo really deserves praises.

The duo is a very easy neutral that I think looks fabulous with a natural face or even with dark eyes. Either way it's my favourite duo from the collection. Boss Brown is a neutral brown with hints of mauve and bronze and Slave to Pink is a pearly champagne pink. Worn alone, Boss Brown is fairly dull on my pigmented lips and really is not spectacular enough to own. It is also very sticky but that's just an issue I have with the pro-longwear lippies in general. Adding Slave to Pink transform the shade from dull to a versatile neutral that can be worn with anything.

The staying power of the duo is fairly good but it dries my lips out more than MAC's usual lipsticks (which I find very drying in general). It is necessary to reapply the Slave to Pink side but the combined effect is so pretty that I don't really mind doing that. If you're looking for a long-lasting neutral that you can use in a great variety of looks, give this one a try.

And in case you're wondering, my smile is just that lopsided.


Anonymous said...

hi, i really love your blog and your two videos on youtube! I was wondering if you can make a video on how to do the "smokey eye" look with black's and grays.. for example Katrina Kaif usually always wears her eye make up so whenever she opens her eyes it's black and smokey along the outer corners of her eye.. also a fan of this is Priyanka Chopra, whenever i see her makeup it's very black and smokey along the outer corners.. how can I do this makeup at home? thanks so much! please do help i have to like pay 30 dollars everytime I have a big party to go to because I can't do my own makeup! :(

12:39 PM
Anonymous said...

your smile is very pretty and that color looks good. Can you post yourself wearing the colors from the bobbi brown collection you recently reviewed? Thanks!

2:47 PM
Anonymous said...

lovee your work ! please try to do a video for this priyanka Chopra look its very popular these days and i would love to learn it i know ur very busy but if theres any possibilty for you to do it before the 20th i would sooo appriciate that!!! thanks and do help

4:16 PM
yummy411 said...

ok, it's official. i'll def have to pick up one. i was trying to avoid these new lippies, but they are so pretty esp. on you! i hope they look great on me!

9:09 AM
Anonymous said...

Wow.. that shade is just gorgeous ! I was hunting for a shade similar to this... Oh, and where has your blog been all my life ??? I've discovered it recently and I'm completely in love with it ! Thanks for the focus on our under-appreciated desi skintones !

*going thru backdated posts*

5:46 AM
Anonymous said...
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