Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Review

My camera's battery doesn't seem to be charging well and I can almost swear I can hear some little demons laughing after they cursed my ability to use electronics properly. That's a completely different issue altogether. I'm so sorry I've been absent, it's been interesting to say the least. Here' a review of Bobbi's Cocoa Mauve collection at Nordstrom.

First of all, let me say that the bag the make-up comes with isn't that exciting. Somehow Bobbi always seems to come up with bags as incentives. I hate this because I know I will never use those bags. However, it is a decent sized bag and I'm sure it is quite useful in the right hands (just not mine).

I was afraid the collection would be too cool toned or look muddy on my skin. My skin is so strongly yellow I have to be careful when it comes to anything taupe or gray because they can make me look like I've been inhaling all kinds of substances. The Iced Mauve Metallic shadow is a wearable grayish taupe with just enough depth, darkness, and warmth to stop me from looking like I enjoyed the X-Files movie a bit too much.

I was also surprised how much I liked the Cocoa Mauve gel liner. True, it's nowhere near an intensely dark colour but its warm shinner and soft but slightly different cocoa colour is dark enough to enhance my eyes without being overpowering.

My favourite part of the entire collection is the Sand Pink blush. While this is partly because I have a blush obsession, I also think that the blush would perk up a wide range of skintones beautifully. If anything it's great for us sallow-toned ladies.

The Berry Mauve creamy lipcolour is very pretty but I only just barely see it on my pigmented lips. It leaves a soft flush on my lips but I do wish it had been a bit deeper so I could actually play with the colour more. It is a lovely lip colour that would beautiful on lighter skintones but I do wish I didnt have to concentrate on making my lip colour show up.

Overall, I really like this collection. Let me know if you want to see swatches or me actually wearing the make-up. I could also do a Cocoa Mauve inspired FOTD of you ladies would like.


Amina said...

Thank you for the review. Please post swatches and/or an FOTD
have you seen the mauve palette? what do you think of it?

5:45 AM
Ranjani said...

Thanks for the review...I was contemplating buying it.
I'm so glad you're back! Missed you:)

8:28 AM
Nosh said...

I wanna see it on you! :)

11:11 AM
Zenobia said...

Thanks for the review! I agree with the comments above, would love to see swatches of it on you!
Also, is the Berry Mauve comparable to any MAC lipstick you know of? Is it like MAC Syrup at all? Thanks!

3:07 PM
sashool said... ur review and posts. i'd kil to knw where in india does bobbi brown retail. wud reli reli appreciate the help! :)

10:53 PM
Anonymous said...

hey!! i wanted to know that where can i find bobby brown cosmetics in mumbai

8:32 AM

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