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Alright so here's why I've been MIA: I just got engaged. I have a few updates tonight so I will have things up soon. I'm just super excited right now and jumping up and down with happiness.


An Indian's makeup musings said...

CONGRATS!!!! Do show us some pics...dont leave your blogger friends out!! Cant wait to see the happy couple!
Sending you lots of love your way!
Indian Girl

1:40 PM
Anonymous said...

Congrats Anu! When do we get to "see" the happy couple?


1:55 PM
Lisa said...

Congrats Anu!!!!

I'd love to see pics :-)
I didn't know you had a bf! :-O

3:39 PM
Ranjani said...

Congrats!! That's the best reason to be MIA! That's awesome news:)
Do post some pics soon, would love to see the engaged and ever radiant you along with the lucky guy who snagged you!

3:56 PM
Pitu said...

OMGGGGGGG Congrats girl!!! I am already imagining what a pretty bride you'll make! *hugs and kisses*

4:12 PM
Anonymous said...

Congratulations.Love to see some pics.

4:53 PM
Amina said...

Congratulations Anu:)
When is the big day?
You'll be such a pretty bride:)

4:59 PM
Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Congratulations Anu! that is really wonderful news :D

5:10 PM
Anonymous said...

CONGRATS GIRL ! ! I`ve been reading this sight for a while now but have been ghost mostly , thanks for all the advice ; it`s hard to find stuff like this for indian women in particular =D big up`z and I wishh you all the best ! !

5:28 PM
Anonymous said...

Congratualations!!!!!!!!!!!! and wish you and your fiance a very happy future.

6:49 PM
Anonymous said...


Another Kiran in NYC

7:24 PM
nosh said...

omg, congrats! :D I concur with the others, photos please :)

9:07 PM
zee said...

Congrats Anu!! What a great news.

10:08 PM
Anu said...

*hugs to everyone* you ladies are all soooooooooooooooooooo sweet!

1:22 AM

anitakrishlee said...

Congratulations Anu!!! That is wonderful news. I wish you all the best! You're going to be a beautiful bride :)

1:27 AM
10-c said...

Wow! Congrats! Are you going to be doing your own makeup for your wedding day?

4:21 AM
Visha said...

hey anu,

now there goes a beautiful girl. hurhur :) congrats dear. ooh if u dont mind do give us an insight on the engagement and the very lucky dude.

5:05 AM
Anonymous said...

congratulations Anu!!im really happy for you, hope you have a great married life.

8:07 AM
Sara said...

Congrats, Anu! Please don't post the pics--these people want to see so that they can judge for themselves whether he's cute enough and weigh him against their own bf/spouse. I promise you it's not for pure reasons. Keep that stuff to yourself..and keep posting your makeup advice only as you do. This comes from a girl who's been scorned more than once by women who are just jealous and insecure! I hate that quality in women.

8:21 AM
Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I have been following your blog for quite some time and I love it! Would love to see pics of the blessed couple!!! LOL!!!!

9:05 AM
Pia said...

Congrats Anu!! I just got engaged in March and couldn't be happier!!

Of course, the next logical step:

9:33 AM
Anonymous said...



10:14 AM
Nabila said...

many congratulations on the happy news! :)

6:27 PM
Leeann said...

Best wishes for a happy marriage. I'm so happy for you!!! ♥

6:40 PM
Melissa said...

Congrats Anu!!!!! I can't wait to see pics of you and your future husband to be.

4:46 PM
Yoli said...

Congrats Anu! Oh you are going to be such a beautiful bride...like the other girls all said, can't wait to see pics!

11:44 AM
Parmjit said...

hey congrats anu on the engagement..thats amazing we are very happy and excited for you and hope this doesnt mean ur gona dump us now u have a hubby!!!xxx Pammi.xx

11:24 AM
Wajiha said...

CONGRATSSS !!! Have fun planning your wedding!!!

2:50 PM
Praveena said...

Congrats! You have to makeup breakdowns of your engagement and wedding! Wish you all the best

4:54 AM
The Anti Hair Slave said...


8:25 PM
mylanqolia said...

Better late than never: Congrats, you lucky lady!

3:49 PM
Nithi said...

Congratulations on your engagement, you are a beautiful girl and will be an even more beautiful bride =) I've been lurking on your blog for a few months, and I have to thank you for all the great tips and tutorials -- they're awesome!


10:32 AM
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