Smashbox's Fan Brush: My Favourite Tool for Blushes and Highlighters

Thank you ladies all so much for the warm wishes and congratulations. I will have pics up soon. I have a tutorial on applying pigmented blushes that I will have up as soon as my battery recharges. Until then, let me tell you a bit about a great tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to blush application.

I know I always recommend the MAC 187 but a lot of people gasp at the price and would like a cheaper alternative. Smashbox's fan brush doesn't quite multi-task the way the MAC 187 does, but it does apply pigmented blushes and highlighters beautifully. Also, it's a great quality brush that is less tan half the price as the MAC 187.

The Smashbox fan brush is a medium sized fan brush that feels very airy and soft. Fan brushes are usually advertised as useful for dusting away eye-shadow fallout but I find that this brush is perfect to use on pigmented blushes. It picks up a small bit of pigment and applies it evenly and very thinly on the face. It's my go-to brush for applying blushes such as Cargo Panama or NARS Exhibit A properly. I get great control over the amount of blush that is deposited onto my cheek and for function alone it rivals the MAC 187.

Highlighters can also be tricky because you can go from wanting to look glowy to looking like sweat was permanently plastered onto your face. Again, the strength of the Smashbox fan brush is that it gently places a very thin veil of highlighter so you can calibrate the application effortlessly.

The Smashbox fan brush also feels very luxurious and soft. It is definitely worth the purchase as it has become my preferred tool for the application of complicated cheek products. If you're a bit freaked out by the price of the MAC 187 brush but still want a great quality tool for blush and highlighter, I really recommend the fan brush.

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Amina said...

I love fan brushes.
Thank you for the review :)

8:42 AM
palpites_e_tal said...

HI, Is it a natural or sintetic brush? Thanks

4:47 PM
Faye - Boutique Bag Lady said...

The brush does appear handy for their perfect highlighters for sure.

12:43 PM

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