Warm Tangerine Cheeks on Bipasha and Shriya Saran

A while ago I remember admiring bipasha's sunkissed cheeks and thinking that I often love her make-up (the styling not so much but her make-up is usually fabulous). I was browsing the internet again-aren't I always-and I came across a pic of Sriya Saran at a Lux event in Chennai where she was named brand ambassador. At that moment I realize two things. First, do these things take place in an alternate Chennai because I never hear of any glamorous occasion when I'm there. Second, I need to post about Shriya and Bipasha's cheek colour.

To achieve their warm tangerine blush, apply Nars Gina or MAC Melba very lightly on the apple of the cheeks to the temple.

image sources: www.idiaglitz.com, www.media.movietalkies.com


ssgreylord said...

How do you do it? I would no sooner know how to achieve that look than I would know how to drive to India. :) They both looked great! Thanks for the tip.

8:42 PM
Anu said...

LMAO! You had me LOL-ing so hard. i cannot drive in india for the life of me. i can barely cross the road. gina and melba are both such gorgeous blushes!

8:46 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi Anu ,

haha , but I think the glamour stakes have upped quiet a bit in the south , blore anyway was fashion forward but hyd and chennai also have a lot of glamourous events , like filmfare south and tons of other awards , miss india south etc. I was suprised to see how fashion/brand conscious the ppl are there nowadays esp the younger crowd ,

btw Anu , do u have any suggestions for nude lip colors for nc 44 skintone

11:14 PM
Anu said...

hey bharati:
i know i eep hearing about these things, like say two days after I leave chennai I find out that there was a fun event. I live in an alternate world but that's ok. It's a food induced coma probably.

there are a bunch of great nudes out there. try mac touch (one of my favourites), mac hug me (you could still probably pull this off better than me, but be careful with this one. it's a bollywood staple but mae sure it doesnt wash you out), prescriptives bare cream, clinique tenderheart, bobbi brown putty (i love this one), clinique delovely, and really give bobbi brown's pot rouge in pink truffle a go (it's an AMAZING blush and beautiful neutral on the lips too)

2:17 AM

Mukho said...

Hey Anu.... So u visit Chennai??? How come I dint know abt this? When r u next scheduled to come? And as for events, Times of India has made a royal entry into the "hindu" bastion, bringing with it all the pg 3 pics u'd never see in that stuffy grandma of newspapers ;)
As for events, maybe i'm zombified too (not food, but the daily 2 hour spine remodelling ride in rattler express) but I havent heard of anyting either these last six months!

6:54 AM
Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton Anu , appreciate it. will try out all your suggestions , yeah the problem is unless the lipcolor has some warm undertones it washes me out.

I guess I follow south films ( tel and tam mostly) as much as I do hindi , so am pretty much update abt the teeniest most usless events there lol ;-)


8:33 AM
Preeti said...

Hi Anu - I've been going to Chennai about every other year since I was a child and I can definitely attest to the fact that it has evolved with regards to it's glam quotient. By the way, since you do visit there, have you checked out Oryza (spa). My guess is that you will really like it. I have a question unrelated to this post. I was wondering if gradual self tanner (like those in moisturizers) would do anything for Indian skin. I'm around NC40-NC42 on my face. I would like to use a self tanner to even out my skin tone on my body. My face is quite even but there's always room for improvement. I was hoping self tanner would give me a "goldeny" color as opposed to making me look like I've stained my skin. So, in a nutshell, I guess my main question is would they work for me and, if so, what color range (medium/dark)? Thanks a lot for your help!

5:10 AM
aarti said...

Can anyone suggest what MAC Lipstick should be worn with 'Tangerine cheeks'? For skin tone like Bipasha's?

5:09 AM
Anonymous said...

You mentioned Gina blush. What do you think of Gilda though?

2:43 PM
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