Vogue India Excerpt Part 2: The Reverse Wing Look

Here's another excerpt from Vogue with tips on creating a twist on the winged eyeliner.

A simple daytime version of the winged look. Draw an extended under-eye line moving in an upward sweep, Leave the top lid without liner, but with a colour block between lid and brow.
Recreate this look with: MAC Paint in Chartru, Bourjois Kohl Pencil in Teal, L'Oreal Shocking Volume mascara.

Image source: vogue india. Shot taken by me and my beautiful camera (craptastic angle all my doing)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
do you know which make-up brands (that are readily available in the UK)do nude eyeliners?
thanks x

7:04 AM
Aarthi said...

While this could be an interesting and edgy look for the ramp am not sure it could translate well into day time wear...I know yellow and blues are all nice "fun" spring colors...but can we (especially desis) pull it off? you know...it would be great if you did some tutorial on such bright colors and with what kind of looks we could try and carry off such makeup...it would be fun to move out of "safe" shades and try out something like this....but again need help from you!! :)

10:26 AM
mylanqolia said...

Hmmm, well, I tried it on my eyes a while ago but it looked absolutely strange on me.*lol* I think, I stay with the traditional winged liner technique... Anyways, thanks for showing this alternative liner technique!

11:57 AM
An Indian's makeup musings said...

Hey Anu!
Sorry to hear about the back pain :(
Hope you are feeling better now.
Coming to the pic...I would kill to have skin like that. It could be photoshop but if it wasnt....OMG...I would seriously kill for it ;)

4:41 PM
Virtuous Blue said...

I love this look. The colors are so vivid and vibrant.

6:10 PM
Anonymous said...

Do you have any suggestions about what she might be wearing on her lips?

8:13 PM
BeautyTalk said...

I've tried this look before and I absolutely love it.

10:46 AM
Leeann said...

This is cool. I've never seen it before. Although, as others have commented, this look is a bit over the top, I think it could be modified. Maybe I can try this
with black and a little less "wing" and work my way up to a look similar to this picture.

7:53 PM
Anonymous said...

I wish you had taken more pics, stingy you! :p

Sidenote: You're getting better at updating frequently. Now when summer is coming up we expect many posts/week ;)

3:22 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
what do you mean by nude eyeliners? like maybe a soft brown eyeliner? eyeliners in the shade of your skin wont do much and will act like a concealor.

hey aarthi:
i will do a tutorial of this soon. it looks like such a fun look to wear/do.

hey mylangolia:
phst1 i've seen your looks and you're super talented. i'm sure you looked great.

hey indian girl:
i hate being in so much pain. first it's the back now it's the stomach (i wont go into that for your benefit).

hey virtuous blue:
me too! it looks lie such a fun look.

hey anonymous:
looks like mac honey flower with either nymphette or love nectar over it.

hey beautytalk:
it looks like such a fun look. any pics of the look on you?

hey leann:
I think a little less wing would definitely make it more wearable.

hey anonymou:
lol i have lots of more photos just need to weed through them properly.
i'm trying to keep up with the updates. i've just been so miserable with my back and tummy (again, for your peace of mind i'll spare you the details on this one). i hope to be back in full form soon.

12:44 AM

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