India's Twenty20 Cricket Team Lives in Denial of Melanin

I was about to sleep when I ran across this article. I was looking for some desi-beauty news to inspire me and it did, only int he wrong way. As you might have figured from my maniacal rantings, I hate the whole 'let's make brown girls whiter and let's tell white girls they need to tan to be beautiful' outlook. And so as fate would have it, I came across some idiocy and I can't sleep until I work myself into a frenzy of agitation over this article where two British cheerleaders were told by India's Twenty20 cricket team that they were too dark to perform.

To be honest it's the cheerleaders' fault really. Didn't they know that to enter Indian territory you need to be at or above an acceptable level of dark-skinned-ness? It's the reason Indian embassy officials don't wear sunglasses while issuing visas: it darkens the skin of the applicant. Duh! I think all Indian embassy officials should be fired. How dare they allow the melanin-endowed to enter India? You know what, I think the melanin made the cheerleaders fool officials into thinking they were lighter skinned and then entered the country. See? Melanin isn't only ugly, it' evil too. This is why India's Twenty20 cricket team refuses to buy mirrors. They'll realize they have melanin in their skin too and who knows what the melanin will drive them to do.

In their effort to celebrate their translucent image of self, India's Twenty20 cricket team seem to have taken to courting the ways of the hydroquinone molecule. Truly, it seems to have inspired them to try to cause irreversible damage to India's image by attempting to destroy all things melanin.

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Ranjani said...

That is so hateful and appalling:(

4:43 AM
Anonymous said...

Talk about some serious self-hatred. Ugh!

5:38 AM
Rogue said...


I find it so amusing that they can pull this kind of racist crap off when India is filled with skin color covering the full range of light to dark!

Ugh, makes one so mad!

7:10 AM
Rakhee said...

This is so engraging...Its so ironic that people here in US accept us and even admire our skin tone, while we are been discriminated in our own country. This is so hypocritical....

8:10 AM
Lavanya said...

Shame on us...Is nt it time we moved from this pettiness and post colonial hang up? Everytime I see a matrimonial ad or a ad for some silly fairness cream, makes my BP soar!!!

11:24 AM
mylanqolia said...

Sad topic. Sometimes I can't believe that we're living in the 21st century. If I read such "horror stories" I feel like living in the dark Stone Age. Why the hell there's still the fucking matter of skin colour? I love genetic and cultural diversity. The racist idea of biological monotony is damn boring.I don't want another Nazi Regime on this wonderful planet.

12:46 PM
Anonymous said...

cheers to all you sisters! This shit is so ...errr shitty its not even worth waisting our energy over.

4:00 PM
Hijabi Apprentice said...

wow, just wow!

5:48 PM

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