Review of the Ped Egg

With all the raves on the Ped Egg going around I bought it a few months back. I always have hideous feel in the summer and compulsively try to get rid of the callouses everyday (keep reading and my descriptions will probably become even more charming and appetizing). I usually use a callous shaver and I admit I do end up with bloody feet once in a while. This is why I'm very happy with the Ped Egg.

The Ped Egg I found reduces the occurrences of bloody feet because it grates the callouses away in finer streams. I have not yet gotten a cut and I don't need to sand down the areas where I shave away the callouses either. It is sturdy enough to use over the thickest callouses too. The Ped Egg is affective when my feet are wet and dry, although I prefer using it when my feet are dry. I also find that I never have need for the emery board attachment to smooth my feet because the initial result is already smooth enough for my liking.

One issue I have with the design is that the shavings never really fall into the space designated for them. I always have a mess around my feet after I am done with the Ped Egg. I'm not sure whether it's my version that's defective or the overall design but I think this is an area that can be improved. However, I'm willing to overlook it for the ease and effectiveness of the Ped Egg. This is a nice purchase for the summer where your feet are constantly on display.

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Virtuous Blue said...

I see the commercials for the Ped Egg all the time, and I always wonder how effective it really is. Yours is the first review i've read about it, and it seems like it gets the job done. And since i've been a sandalholic lately, i'm definitely in need of some serious "buffing" in the feet department lol


1:47 PM
Leolina said...

Hi Anu...I tried out your breakdown of Deepika Padukone's makeup. While I loved the eyes, unfortunately the lips totally did not out on me. I tried the combination of Hug me and love nectar, it looked a bit too light on me. I am also not able to find the prescriptives option you'd mentioned. Also they've discontinued Fresco(Sonam Kapoor's make up break down) and falling star!!!! :( How sad is that? Any alternatievs we could use for that? Can't wait to hear from you!

7:48 PM
Mukho said...

I know who's got gorgeous feet this summer :) :) :)

Hey Anu, I think I managed to recreate the lip look I posted about some days ago. Do come see :)

8:23 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
please could you post a make-up breakdown of sush's 2nd pic on from

8:59 AM
Anonymous said...

I love my ped egg - it works great!Also, I think your thing might be defective because mine contains all the shavings.

12:12 PM
shanu said...

where did you buy the ped egg from? what is the price??

7:54 AM

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