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Anonymous said...

OOOH, YEAH, and Napolean Perdis is 50% off at sephora....

3:21 PM
Sombol said...

hi, i was reading one of ur older posts and was wondering where i can buy the Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle u were talking about? i have a wedding to go to this weekend ( same day as my birthday!) and needed some skin care stuff asap! also ive been breaking out like crazy ans was wondering if i should buy the ddf sulfur mask or the fresh umbrian clay mask instead, i know u used both but which do u recommend? thanks so much!

9:20 AM
Anonymous said...


8:28 AM
Hijabi Apprentice said...

My husband is addicted to gulab jamun; I used to be but I OD'ed on it.

2:45 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
thanks for the tip on the napoleon make-up :).

hey sombol:
i got my alpha hydrox aha souffle from rite aid. if you cant find it there, you can get it from again, wear a good sunscreen when using this and ease into the souffle.

i love the umbrian clay mask because it stops the pimple from fully forming and seems to get it to go away really fast. the ddf sulfur mask is very intense and heavy duty (also incredibly drying). i would try the umbrian clay mask and spot treat with it if you like. i find that its gentler than the queen helene mint julep mask and the ddf sulfur mask while working really well.

hey hijabi apprentice:
yeah see i od'd on the carrot halwa and so i had to replace my obsession.

10:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I find that whenever I take a picture using a digital camera, may face make up looks weird, sort of un-blended and chalky/white in the places where concealer is applied and looks without enough coverage in some other places..however in the natural sunlight/lamp light it looks fine. please help..thanks

11:55 AM

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