My Vogue India Find Part 1: Kalyani Chawla's Beauty Must Haves

I was out and about the other day, not even looking to the world for inspiration and randomly walked into a boutique in Houston (Carmaa, for those in the know) and had a coronary. The best thing about vacation is surprises like this. I just about had a coronary when I discovered the owner had several Indian magazines. After performing CPR on myself, I asked the owner whether I could take photos of the magazine articles and she was kind enough to oblige. So here's Part 1 with Kalyani Chawla. I have no idea who she is, but if she's good enough to be featured in Vogue she's good enough for me.

Kalyani Chawla's Beauty Tips:

  • Bronzers work well on Indian skin and make you glow
  • MAC Lipglass will give you a long-lasting finish, ideal for evening wear
  • Be fanatic about removing eye make-up with an extra gentle cleansing gel
  • Add a few drops of baby oil to your bath for soft skin all over

Kalyani Chawla's Beauty Must-Haves:
  • Lakme High Definition Eyeliner
  • Dior Capture Totale Serum
  • Dior Prestige Revitalizing Eye Cream
  • Johnson's Baby Oil
  • Dior Eye Make-up Remover
  • MAC Lipglass
image source: Vogue India, photos taken by me and mostly my amazingly fabulous camera.


Virtuous Blue said...

Hey Anu,

Girl, I was shocked to see you haven't been added to our blog roll yet. I'm gonna fix that right now...Thanks for stopping by!!!

5:00 PM
Shakti said...

Anu, were you in Houston, Tx? If so, which boutique did you find the magazines? I live out here and would like to get some Indian magazines myself.


6:32 PM
Leeann said...

I'm so bad at removing my eye makeup. I usually don't get all of it off, but I need to start doing a better job =(

9:11 PM
i♥make-up said...

Hey girl,

When r u coming to see me? And which boutique did u get this from?? Share the wealth girly?


10:02 PM
Anu said...

hey virtuous blue:
thanks so much :).

hey shakti:
the owner just had a few lying around that she keeps when clients come. like reads hat you find in a boutique where you kill time while your friend tries on stuff. they're not sale sadly (trust me i tried) she said they were for customers to read while shopping. i was heartbroken but i got her to allow me to photograph the beauty section. possibly also because my mum bought me a saree. but if you ever do want to shop there, it's called Carmaa like i mentioned. they have such gorgeous sarees and salwars. very different than the usual bollywood influenced stuff.

hey leann:
im fanatic about removing my eye make-up. i look like i got raccon-eye genes spliced into me while i slept otherwise :(.

hey saniya:
i have to go on the 10th but ill be back again from the 22 to the 28th. i will try my best to come visit you then. i cant come coz my mum just got back from a minor operation so im helping her out around the house (causing havoc). the boutique is called carmaa and she doesnt have any magazines for sale. she had a couple lying around for customers to read so i went and photographed everything with my magical camera (it's magical. it's everything ive ever wanted in a camera but could never afford.)

10:53 PM

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Prescriptives Custom Blend Concealers?
Do they work well?
My skin tone is very close to yours an all the concealers I’ve tried make my under-eye area ashy

11:24 AM
Mukho said...

Hey Anu!
Neither do I know who Kalyani Chawla is, but I'll vouch for the HD eyeliner. Comes with a felt tip, great on control for thin or thick lines.

1:24 AM
Lavanya said...

Hi Anu! I keep coming back to your blog! I absolutely love it! Yesterday went out and picked up Mac all that glitters after seeing your break down of Deepika Padukone's makeup!And I love the color on our indian skin tone! I was wondering if you could reccomend a good blush for an everyday day look? I'm going to india soon and when I'm there I usually don't even use powder..just moisturiser with some sunscreen, eyeliner and gloss. Do you think a cream blush would work better than a powder blush in such high humidity?

1:35 PM
spatel said...

Kalyani is the woman responsible for bringing DIOR to India, a brand ambassador of sorts. No wonder her tips include their products .. hehe:)
She started out as a fashion exporter and turned out to be an incredible business woman and a socialite. So Christian Dior picked her to represent them, endorse their products in the circle and do the publicity! TALK about A DREAM JOB!!! She is always seen wearing the latest trends from the fashion house!

8:16 PM
vikas said...

hi mam please tell me is kalyani mam on face-book?

12:03 AM
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