Make-up for Mature Skin Part 1

The other day I was doing make-up for an older lady and decided, fitting or not, to post about make-up for mature skin. I hate completely matte looks for mature skin. It looks very harsh and aging. I like to choose products with a soft shimmer thrown in and then I usually add a few matte things to balance out things.


  • For age spots, I like to use a corrector and then a concealor. I find that this way I can eliminate using a heavier foundation.
  • My personal pet peeve is using matte foundation on mature skin. I like something with a satin finish, nothing dewy but a soft, incredibly subtle sheen is much more flattering.
  • I always like to start off the eyes with a bit of eye-cream, let it sink in, and then start with the make-up.
  • You're probably tired of hearing it now, but a good primer works wonders to keep shadows in place. However, I recommend a good long wearing cream shadow as base.
  • Incorporate satin shadows along with the matte ones. I like to use a satin shadow on the lid and use a matte one to define the crease.
  • If the skin is wrinkly or if it sags, I like to pat on the shadow rather than making a brushing motion. Patting on the shadow makes the lid grad the colour better.
  • When the skin around the eyes sags, pull up the skin at the brow bone. This way, you stretch the skin and can pat on the shadows better.
  • If ever there was a time to tightline, this is it. Tightlining gives a very subtle but full look to the lashes without being garish and heavy. I know promised to have a tutorial of this up soon, so bear with me. It will be up soon, I promise on my gulab jamun (I've graduated from carrot halwa to this).
  • I avoid pencil liners on the top lip because it tends to smear faster all over the top lid. Instead, I usually go for cream or gel liners where I can soften the line if needed.
  • For lining the lower rim, I like to use a softer shade than black. I usually line with a soft brown or gray shadow.
  • Personally, I'd recommend not using a stencil and following the natural shape of your brows. However, if you feel more comfortable using a stencil be sure to keep the overall look as natural as possible.
  • I like to use a very dark matte brown shadow to accentuate the brows. In general, I like to stick to a softer version of what you're trying to achieve. By this I mean: if your brows were/are naturally black, go for a matte dark brown etc.
  • I'd have to agree with the old adage that cream blushes look fabulous on mature skin. I love the soft, dewy look you get from them. Some of my favourite cream blushes for mature skin are Bobbi Brown's pot rouges.
  • Lipliners are great for stopping bleeding and feathering lipcolour. I like to use both a reverse lipliner and a conventional one.
  • I prefer creamy formulas that have a bit of sheen and shy away from mattes.
  • Instead of gloss, I sometimes add a bit of balm on the lips for extra sheen. Carmex always seems to do the trick, but just don't overdo it.


=) said...

This is a bit off topic but I'd really like it if you could blog about what kind of make-up mirror you use/recommend. I've been looking for a good one & would really appreciate it. Love your blog<3

11:01 PM
Melissa said...

Great tips! By the way, are you feeling better now? I hope so. Have a great day! :)

7:28 AM
Nosh said...

Thanks for the tips, Anu! This really gives me some ideas for my mom. She just recently started letting me do her makeup when she has a party to attend :P

9:01 PM
Spikez said...

excellent as usual Anu!

12:17 AM
Mukho said...

U've done a really detailed job on this, so much attention to minute details. I'm with u on the satin over matte foundation. Ageing skins dont need any more of the rough look, a bit of dew does very nicely to hide minor lines and wrinkles.

7:37 PM

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