Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids. My Little Bit of Heaven

I'm a secret lover of bath products. It's going to be a matter of time before this obsession is unleashed on all of you. I'm going to give you a brief report on one of my favourite soaps of all time.

I have sensitive skin even on my body and I have a love for soaps and lotions that have food smells. Give me anything that has a caramel, vanilla, chocolate or nutty smell and I'm sold. Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids fits my criteria perfectly. It is a glycerin based soap and doesn't contain any animal fats which is great for vegetarians like me. It also doesn't contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is a foaming agent, so the lather is rather unspectacular compared to your average shower gel or soap. This in no way detracts from the soap.

The soap leaves my skin very soft and I find that it is enough for my oily skin in the summer. In the winter it helps boost my skin by imparting a bit of moisture. It is so incredibly gentle on any nicks and cuts I might have from shaving. However, that's not the best thing about this soap. What I love most about it is the smell. It is a divine milky honey smell laced with warm toffee. Whenever I'm in the Lush store I want to eat their products. I'm not joking. I feel that some of their products smell and look better than their edible counterparts and I have a hard time not biting into them. This particular smell is so warm and inviting that it has me finding excuses to shower. And after the shower I can't get enough of the soft smell it leaves behind on my skin.

Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids is by far one of my staple bath products. I have a lot, but this one is warm and comforting. If you like food smells in your bath products, give this a try.

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Leeann said...

I'll have to try trhis out. The smell sounds delish!

11:10 PM
Anu said...

OMG, i do not say this often to describe a product but really... just OMG! i'm such a sucker for warm honey and toffee scents. i love it. let me know if you're as obsessed with it or not.

12:53 AM

indianrosefashionista said...

I love Lush products! They seriously smell good enough to eat lol

2:07 PM
Always In Style said...

This looks soooo good! L'Occitane also makes a real nice honey & lemon body wash if you like honey scented products you love it!

9:54 AM

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