Little Update on My Very Painful Situation

A few days ago I pulled a muscle in my back really badly. Up until now, even drinking water was an existential question. How badly did I need the water? Would I be willing to risk intense pain to get the water? Was I content to be without pain or did I need to have the water? It had all the makings of a Camus novel or a Pinter play but it also meant that I couldn't type much. After a lot of bengay, holding off going to the bathroom, and hot patches on my back, I am finally better and will be able to answer your comments and post the things you requested soon. And by soon I mean tomorrow. Right now I'm a little befuddled by the bengay fumes.


Ranjani said...

I'm sorry to hear that:( How did this happen? Hope you feel better soon.

4:48 AM
Mukho said...

so sorry for ur back. never u mind, take all the rest u need, get out of bed only for the water, don't type a word until u feel better. and when u do (hope its soon) we'll be right here :)

9:10 AM
La said...

Hey Anu! Sorry to hear you re in that much pain. And I know that pulled muscles are a pain in the you know where. Hope you feel better soon! :)

9:49 AM
Anonymous said...

get well soon! love the way you keep up your sense of humour in dire straits!

11:06 AM
Virtuous Blue said...

Aw Anu, I hope you have a speedy recovery. I know it sucks having an injory when you have so many other things that you would rather be doing (like drinking water lol). Love how you're staying positive, and continue to do so. I agree with mukho...we aren't going anywhere :o)

6:08 PM
Praveena said...

Hope you get better soon! :) Enjoy drinking water!

3:14 AM
Hijabi Apprentice said...

Ooh! I hope you are feeling better now.

9:14 AM
Leeann said...

Oh, man! That's horrible. Glad to hear you're doing better though!

7:49 PM
Anu said...

hey ranjani:
i thin it happened when i walked my dog. she was whizzing everywhere and jerking me along. shes a tiny little thing but very strong when she wants her way. it was so painful to move but i'm better now :). btw i tried your recipe today (potato with yoghurt). it was SOOOO good. i didnt have many things in the fridge and it was perfect :).

Hey mukho:
*hugs* thanks hun you're very sweet.

hey la:
thanks for the support. :). feeling a lot better now.

hey anonymous:
you adapt when you DESPERATELY need to use the bathroom but cannot move.

hey virtuous bluw:
*big hugs* thanks so much for your support.

hey praveena, hijabi apprentice, and leann:
thanks so much for the support. i finally have a full range of motion now :)

12:24 AM

Onezumi said...

Oh. :( Get well soon! I really enjoy your blog!

7:41 AM

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