Little Preview and Some Feedback Needed on Upcoming Tutorials

I will hopefully have another make-up artist interview up soon and I will also have a few breakdowns and the usual beauty stuff up. I've been so ill I haven't been functioning the way I'd like so I'm sorry for the late responses etc.

I got a request on how to do a basic, quick, professional face for work and one on how to use concealor. I also hope to have a video tutorial on a celebrity's make-up. Here's my question: are there any specific tutorials you'd like me to tackle? Feel free to let me know what you'd like me to improve in the tutorials and what you'd like changed/stay the same etc.

Thanks ladies :)


10-C said...

I know you mentioned that you go to someone to get your eyebrows done, but I was hoping you also knew how to do them yourself. Please, please please, can you do a step-by-step in how to shape AND groom eyebrows.

A lot of tutorials I have seen only talk to shaping, but I am really interested in the grooming portion because I have pretty thick eyebrows, but the hair goes in all kinds of directions! They look a mess up close, but some what distanced photos they look nice and shaped.

Any help?!

6:03 AM
T said...

I love this blog. I can't wait to see some more of your tutorials. Even though I am not Indian (I am Puerto Rican), all of your information is super useful! Keep up the excellent work.

P.S. I really want to try castor oil now.

6:37 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
First off, thanks so much for all the generous information, tutorials and satirical self-jabs you have posted so far! Your blog entries are clear, to the point and humorous. I am Indian with the same skin tone as yours and find pretty much everything in this blog to be a straight up match for me!
In an upcoming tutorial could you give a breakdown on how to get this particular look on the gorgeous Jourdan Dunn? I love the look…bushy eyebrows and all! You can find the look at:

9:41 AM
Anonymous said...

please could you review the MAC tendertones and cool heat collection? I really like the look of them but im not sure if they would be suitable on my nc42 skintone.
thanks x

9:44 AM
Nosh said...

I would looove an eyeliner tutorial... liquid, pencil, waterlines (top/bottom)... a dramatic vs. a casual look, how to mix it up with different colors, everything!! :D Eyes are just so hard for me to perfect! =(

8:44 PM
Anonymous said...

A tutorial on using blue (teal) eyeshadow would be much appreciated!

8:50 PM
i♥make-up said...

Get well soon sweetie!

10:14 PM
Ranjani said...

Hi Anu!
Can you do a tutorial on super smokey sooty looking eyes paired with a pale nude lip, almost bridget bardotesqe?That would be awesome:)

7:10 AM
Anonymous said...

Anu it will be nice, if you breakdowns of indian actresses like priyanka,kareena, deepika.

9:06 AM
Spikez said...

Hi Anu,
Thanks for the advice for my mum. She was so happy with her new look that she couldn't stop smiling.

Would love to see the tut on a Work Makeup.

What i would really love to see is how to do the desi kajal look. Whenever i try i look like this:
or like this:

When i want to look like this,

9:43 AM
worship-elle said...

I'd love to see a tutotrial for black eyeshow/grey for dusty skin. Thanks for trying!

4:38 PM
Anonymous said...

Jourdan Dunn look...
Hi Anu, I'm the person who posted earlier on for a Jourdan Dunn look. I gave your the wrong link (she looks like she's a super hero or something in the link i gave you. Here is the link to the look I would actaully like to enquire about:
Thanks Anu!

11:44 AM
Anonymous said...


Love your blog. Could you do a piece on stuff like remedies for skin discolorations(especially on tanned indian skin) around your nails, elbows, knees and toes.
Also, you do seem to have a whole arsenal of make up. How do you choose which face powder or foundation you're going to use. Do you vary it for night and day or always stick to the same color and brand?
I noticed you said you were going to do a tutorial on everyday make up(yay!)...could you make sure to include the order in which the non makeup steps like moisturizer, sunscreen, under eye cream etc go on?

12:02 PM
Anonymous said...

okay off topic but i found this interesting article on how in olden day ladies took care of their beauty via herbal or natural ingredients.

6:57 AM
Anu said...

thanks ladies for your input. it really helps. and thanks huma for the article. it was an interesting read.

10:26 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi there,I stumble upon this New line of makeup for desi ladies from desi lady.Can we get a review on this make up line please.

6:11 PM
[a} said...

No requests--just hope you're feeling better hun~


2:49 PM
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11:40 PM
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