Global Goddess Cairo Eyes Liquid Kohl Eyeliner

I recently got this and I am very impressed. I like eyeliners of all kinds, my desi genes take care of that. An eyeliner seems to have a siren's call to my surma-loving ears. So it only seemed fitting to do a review on every desi girl's must have: liquid eyeliner.

First off, I adore the packaging of the product. It's very intricate and delicate with a long handle that gives great control over the applicator. The Global Goddess website states that these eyeliners contain Boabab and Moringa oil. I'm a little skeptical on the effectiveness of make-up that targets complex skin care issues because of their low concentrations so interpret the oils included what you will.

The colour I got was Dynasty which is a deep brown. I wanted to deviate from my usual black and I found this a softer but still rich variation. It still was deep enough to give my eyes an 'oomph.'

What I really liked about the eyeliner is that it stays on through a hell of a lot of abuse. I put it on in the morning and it was on my eyes as fresh as when I had put it on. It's not waterproof but it was very sweat proof and lasted through an intense workout. It also didn't flake one bit and I didn't have exacerbated raccoon rings because of the flakes. So many liners, be they liquid, cream, or gel, seem to do this on my oily lids but the Global Goddess liquid liner is really resistant to flaking. This ranks very high on my eyeliner list because it stays put really well.


Nosh said...

I'd love to see it on you if you could post a photo!! I've been eyeing this product for a few months now. :)

9:06 AM
Anonymous said...

Did you ever try the Anna Sui mascara?? Love your blog by the way.

10:25 AM
zee said...

Hi Anu, I am delurking here. I love your blog. I am novice about makeup and your blog helps a lot...and I need a lot of help ;)

I have a question: I bought a MAC blush in a hurry today and not sure if it is the right shade for me. It is called 'Lilicent'. My complexion is somewhere between MAC NC44 and NC45 if that helps. Could you please advice if it'll suit me or Indians in general ?

12:46 AM
Nayanika said...

Hi Anu, I really like your blog. Where'd you get this from? Also,
I'd really like to see you do a tute on how to get concealer perfect-application techniques.

4:57 AM
Anu said...

hey nosh,
ill have a photo up tomorrow or the day after :)

hey anonymous:
i have not tried the mascara but i've been dying to lol. glad you like the blog :)

hey zee:

Lilicent should work well, just be sure to blend it in. i think you could rock it. it looks great on nc40s, and i think an nc44/nc45 would look good in it too :).

hey nayanika:
i will get to the tutorial. is there any particular placement of concealor you'd like me to focus on?

1:15 AM

zee said...

Thanks Anu! appreciate your answers. I did apply it and it looked quite good.

If you are going to do a tutorial about concealer application, please give tips about dark circles as well.

1:44 PM
Nayanika said...

I'm the queen of dark circles, so would like to see something about applying it there right. I keep trying different brands, must have spent $1000 on concealers in the last few years and have the feeling my application is wrong..I also have broken capillaries at the side of my nose. Don't know how that happened, I thought desis didn't have that :( so some help there too please! Do you know anyone who's had cosmetic surgery for dark circles?

6:43 AM

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