Being Very Lazy, Will Have New Updates in the Morning

Hey ladies. I've been sleeping so much that I have turned into one lump of flesh. I told you I could sleep forever. I promise to answer your questions and have updates in the morning. The sleep is getting to me.


B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit. said...

I'm glad to have read your review now I will go purchase one for myself and I agree with you if it does the job the shavings on the floor won't matter much. and as for your questions about the falsies used in my Michelle because I didn't think to ask, her email address is at the bottom of the post she will be glad you inquired to her directly.
~talk with you soon....I'm on my way out to purchase my ped egg.

12:15 PM
Naomi said...

thanks for your comment. great blog u have here...exlinks?

5:38 PM

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