Will Have New Updates up on Thursday

I have a bunch of things I want to post soon. I just finished my huge essay and I have one more to go after that. I am going to spend 24 hours sleeping non-stop after that. I'll finally be refreshed and will post the promised things.


Ranjani said...

sleeping non stop for 24 hours sounds damn good, wish I could do that too!
My life is so warped right now....!!
Looking forward to your updates:)

5:20 PM
Leeann said...

Hope the writing of the papers went well. Can't wait to read your new content!

9:38 PM
Aarthi said...

Anu...please please do a breakdown of Aishwarya's makeup for Cannes 2008. She looks gorgeous in this


2:31 PM
worship-elle said...

Take enough rest! So we could some amazing updates. Aishwarya looked so great at Cannes this year!

4:28 PM
Kohl Girl said...

hey anu, I saw that some of your readers wanted a breakdown of Aishwarya Rai's Cannes makeup...I actually did a breakdown earlier today if you want to reference it!

Hope finals went well! So glad I don't have to take exams anymore!

6:21 PM

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