Shalini Vadhera's Look for Emmanuelle Chriqui

Edit: I got an email with a breakdown of Emmanuelle Chriqui's look from a rep for Shalini Vadhera. I asked her to keep me updated with such breakdowns and hopefully I will get a chance to talk to her and bombard her with questions. And yes, I'm still trying to finish my huge 25-page long single spaced paper tomorrow (just reread the page length again and imagine what kind of a state I am in now). Also, it feels great not to be known as the 'crazy make-up breakdown stalker lady.' For once, I didn't hound anyone until they cried.

I know Emmanuelle Chriqui isn't technically desi, but her make-up would look beautiful on a lot of desi ladies. Also, she is of Moroccan Jewish ancestry. I guess if I can get asked what part of Saudi Arabia India is in, she can qualify for being brown too (I'm being sarcastic, but I have been asked this a few times).

As the weather warms up I am sure you’re considering makeup looks for spring & summer! Shalini Vadhera, celebrity makeup artist and author of Passport to Beauty, recently created a stunning beauty look for actress Emmanuelle Chriqui (HBO’s “Entourage”) before she walked the red carpet at a Beverly Hills event.

Shalini Vadhera calls this look "a chic, natural but sexy." Here's how to get the look.

Step 1:

Shalini prepped and brightened Emmanuelle’s skin with Global Goddess Beauty Upgrade Complexion Face Primer and then applied Complexion Perfection Foundation to give her skin a flawless finish.

Step 2:

South Pacific Shimmer Bronzer served a dual purpose as an eyeshadow base and to warm up her cheeks. It’s one of Emmanuelle’s personal faves!

Step 3:

The Sizzling Serengeti Tribal Quad Eyeshadows in Mombasa helped to make her eyes pop. A layer of black and shimmery brown Cairo Eyes Liquid Liner and Exotic Eyes Blackest Mascara set the look.

Step 4:

Lastly, Shalini applied Sandstorm Lip Veil to gloss up Emmanuelle’s lips and Floating Diamonds Face & Body Shimmer for an all-over glow.

Follow these simple steps and you too can achieve Emmanuelle’s gorgeous Global Goddess look!

To view the products listed, you can go to the Global Goddess website.


Indian Girl said...

Love the lips!

6:58 PM
ilovecheese said...

Lovely look babe, thanks for the find :) She does look a bit like Vidya Balan, doesn't she? Ha seriously, some people need to look at the atlas once in a while. It is like for most North Indian anyone south of the Vindhyas is Madrasi. Gah!

12:46 AM
Anu said...

Hey Indian Girl,
I like it too. I believe the email was sent to me by a rep for shalini vadhera, so if this is true I'll try and find out more looks shalini has done. I actually lie a lot of her looks she had up a long time ago on her website.

hey ilovecheese,
you have no idea how good it feels to not be the crazy make-up stalker lady. and you will not believe what happened with the whole india is in saudi arabia thing.

here's what happened. i went to starbucks a while back and they didn't have my vanilla almond biscotti. i was disappointed and the lady behind me was too. so while I waited for my friend to get her coffee she and i chatted over nonsensical things.

then i told her i need a vacation after my comps and was planning a trip to india among other things. she told me 'oooo that sounds lovely. are you indian?' i confirmed this. and then she said 'what part of saudi arabia is india in again?' i politely told her it wasnt in saudi arabia. and her answer was 'oh i get the middle east and saudi arabia confused all the time.'

i know, i'm a godawful person for posting this and i should be ashamed of myself since it is cruel but it was a special moment. she meant well though :)

3:52 AM

Ranjani said...

That's a hot look!
You're Saudi Arabia story had me insplits, some people are WAAY too ignorant!

5:57 PM
Srivalli said...

well..she looks great!..

7:35 PM
Arabesque said...

I love her make-up! She looks typically Moroccan to me, though. Then again, I'm Arab, and I get asked which part of India I'm from all the time. Indian women are so beautiful - it flatters to be mistaken for one!

10:02 PM
[a} said...

Arabesque, it's not just you. She looks Moroccan to me too.

7:44 PM
[a} said...

p.s. OMG! INDIA = SAUDI ARABIA!! too funny!!!!

7:51 PM
Dominican Enigma said...

Passport to Beauty is one of my favorite books. She has such amazing tips from all around the world. i love your blog by the way.

8:08 AM
niky said...

Hi Anu,

Firstly, I must admit my undying addiction to your blog. It's great for someone like me who ends up looking like a lost, frightened puppy at the MAC store or Sephora when shopping for the simplest things! :-)

Regarding this post, though, I wanted to ask you if you had any idea about the Global Goddess Lip Veil glosses. I'm super tempted by the Cardamom and Marrakech shades, but there are VERY few reviews online and I'm really unsure of the colours. Are they usually available at the Sephora store?

10:44 PM
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