L'Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer in Dazzling Sunlight

Another little sale at the drugstore had me completely foaming at the mouth with excitement. I got the L'Oreal Glam Bronze bronzer in Dazzling sunlight a few weeks back and I have to blog about it while the sale is still going on. It was (and still is as of today) 75% off at CVS and they are still there, waiting for a fellow bronzer obsessed make-up junkie to strike.

The texture of the bronzer is very smooth and this has the same texture as the Blush Delices that L'Oreal sadly discontinued. It's shimmer is also very soft, and fear not you will not look like you swallowed a light bulb. Instead it gives a sunkissed glow. The bronzer lasts all day and I only used pressed powder (no foundation) to set it, so it is as tenacious/long lasting as Neha Dhupia trying to prove she is a serious actress (I had to make that dig, don't kill me for it).

The only thing I wish were different is the deepness of the colour. It won't function on skintones much darker than mine as a bronzer. I also have to put a little effort to make the bronzer work as it transforms when you add a bit of blush to the apple of the cheeks. Alone, it is a pretty enough bronzer but it takes to colour so beautifully. Adding a pop of colour to the bronzer transforms the entire look. I find that the overall effect is something that gets me a lot of compliments on my 'healthy glow' and I always get asked what I'm wearing.

If you're in the market for a nice summer bronzer that gives a soft glow and takes to colour well this would be a great one. And keep a lookout at CVS since they're at 75% off right now. In the pic above, I'm wearing the bronzer with Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Pink Triffle on the apple of my cheeks. I also have the bronzer dusted on my temples, bridge of the nose, jawline, and forehead.


Aarthi said...

Gorgeous makeup!!! What is that lovely lip color you are wearing? pray tell...

12:05 AM
Ranjani said...

You look so glowy and beautiful!
With or without the bronzer you a have fabulous "glow" to your skin, I'm so jealous!

4:59 AM
Anonymous said...

Love your look...love the peachiness in the makeup with the blue outfit..perfect combo!

also love your widow's peek..I'd kill for that hairline!

6:56 AM
nywele said...

You look amazing! You look as if you came back from Bahamas :)
by the way, can you please hook me up with your mum's recipe of hibiscus and others oils? I'd love to try it :)

9:18 AM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu,
u look absolutely stunning!!

12:56 PM
Joanne said...

Hi! That bronzer looks great on you -- I just went to look for it at the local Walgreen's but couldn't find it. I did, however, find a really good shimmery bronzer by Milani, called Radiant, if you're still on the hunt.

I also love your makeup tutorials -- would you consider doing one on Rihanna's look here: http://img.perezhilton.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/79271816_10__opt.jpg

Thanks for keeping up this blog and hope you have an awesome summer!

5:58 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu

Can you recommend products to recreate this look?



9:33 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi There, Initially i thought its a picture of Nandita Das and after reading few lines i realized its you.
Indeed you are a Lovely lady.I especially admire the way you embrace your sking colour and work with it instead of trying to become a pseudo gori.

6:37 AM
Wajiha said...

I want your skin. I'm serious.

12:04 PM
Praveena said...

Wow! you look like that with no foundation! whoa!
I agree with Aarthi, what lip color are you wearing! You look goregous

3:22 PM
Anu said...

hey aarthi:
i'm wearing the bobbi brown pot rouge in pink truffle on my lips. i thin it's the most versatile pot rouge bobbi has ever made (for desis at least) and put some blistex on it to give it a sheen.

hey ranjani:
dont be, the glow you see is actually my oily skin. it's so oily and shiny that it's so hard to keep it matte. i just give up hope half the time.

hey anonymous:
you are the first person i have ever heard that loves a widows peak. i would be ok with it if it werent for the massive cowlick i have on the left side. it irritates the life out of me. you can have it if you want.. :P

hey nywele:
i just got the recipe from my mum, but it's soooo complicated. i can still give you a toned down, less intensive recipe if you want. trust me i was very surprised at all the things she did to get the hair oil.

hey anonymous:
thanks :) i guess the bronzer was doing its job after all.

hey anonymous:
i do love milani's radiant bronzer. i used to use it all the time. i got mine at cvs though and i dont think walgreens has it on discount.

i will definitely do rihannas make-up breakdown. i loved her outfit and shoes that she wore with the look. im not a huge fan of her singing but i love her edgy style.

hey anonymous:
i'll get right to it :)

hey anonymous:
thans for the wonderful compliment. although i have a friend who looks exactly like nandita das. very scary how similar she looks lol.

hey wajiha:
you say you love it now but if you had it you'd realize how oily it is. it gets sooooooo frustrating after a while. what i wouldnt do for nice, calm, non-acne prone skin.

hey praveena:
thanks hun. it's the bobbi brown pot rouge in pink truffle. one of my favourite products in the line.

4:13 PM

Leeann said...

Great find! I'll have to see if the sale is still on =)

9:14 PM
Anonymous said...

Hmm I usually just surf ur blog for makeup tips, this is the first time I am compelled to leave a comment...This pic is GREAT!You look glowy yet simple :)

8:59 AM
Anonymous said...

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8:38 AM
Anonymous said...

can you post a pic of how the bronzer looks like? I think I want to try it out. by the way you look pretty!

3:52 PM
Anjali Sinha said...
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Anjali Sinha said...
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