Little Update

I will email you wonderful ladies back and return your comments tomorrow. It's been a really hectic few weeks and I've finally started catching my breath right now. Thank you all so much for the wonderful support.

Secondly, I know some of you requested a breakdown of Kajol and Rani's looks. Just leave a comment on exactly which movie etc. you'd like the breakdown to be of.

Also, I am trying to make a video tutorial of Megan Fox's eye make-up. I know there was a request for this but let me know if you'd like me to do a tutorial of Lara's eye make-up too (pic below for reference).

Sorry for the long wait.


Shruthi said...

Hi Anu...

I've got some links of the Ash Rai looks that were really great...I love teh way she does her eyes in a very subtle way, and the way she does her blush adds to it. I've also been searching for that lip color she does often..its a corally color...,GGLJ:2006-47,GGLJ:en%26sa%3DN,GGLJ:2006-47,GGLJ:en%26sa%3DN

Looking foward to the tutorial :)

Love ya lots

11:40 PM

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