Great Make-up: Priyank's Simple Look

I got a request for a breakdown of Priyanka's look. I seem to have forgotten which exact breakdown was requested of Kajol's and Rani's so just remind me. I'm so sorry about my rather disorganized state.

This look requires a very minimal eye make-up and the cheeks are warm and tan. The lips are mauve-rose toned which is very unexpected. So when the skin is flawless, the various elements can come together. It sounds cheesy but it will make a world of a difference when your skin takes center stage. Make sure you moisturize your skin and under-eyes and then apply a medium coverage satin finish foundation. Conceal problem areas if necessary with a creamy concealor that matches your skintone. Apply translucent powder to set the make-up.

I checked this picture under various lights and have zoomed in another couple of hundred times. She doesn't appear to be wearing any shadow on her lids. It seems that foundation was applied on her lid. So do the same and pat some of your foundation from your lid to your crease and set with translucent powder.

In keeping with Priyanka's minimal eye make-up, ther brows look flawless and frame her eyes beautifully. So pluck away any stray hairs and emphasize eyebrows with a deep brown eyebrow pencil. Remember to keep the brows as natural looking as possible and don't overdo the eyebrow pencil. Brush brow gel through your brows to keep them in place.

Recommendation: MAC Stud, Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator

There's hardly crease definition here and if you choose to, you can skip this step. If not, apply a matte medium brown in the crease very lightly and blend outward.

Recommendation: MAC Cork

Apply a shimmery champagne on the brow bone and blend into the crease. It's going to lighten the area under the brows and emphasize the natural colour of the lids without being too obvious. If you don't want to use a shimmery champagne a good matte shadow will do the same trick.

Recommendation: MAC Ricepaper, Bobbi Brown Banana

This is where the emphasis of the eye make-up is. Use a black liquid, cream or gel eyeliner and follow the natural shape of the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner on the top lid. Increae the thickness of the liner as you go outward but be sure to not exceed medium-thickness when it comes to the line.

Recommendation: L'Oreal Hip cream liner in Black

Mascara and False Lashes:
Curl lashes and apply a volumizing mascara on top and bottom lashes. Brush out any clumps with a lash comb and add another coat. Make sure the lashes look plush and thick. For added drama, apply a full strip of false eyelashes.

Recommendation: L'Oreal Voluminous, Clinique Lash Building Primer

Priyanka seems to be wearing a bronzer rather than a blush. Dust a slightly shimmery bronzer on the apple of the cheeksthe same way you would a blush and blend towards the temple .

Recommendation: Vincent Longo Copper Kiss Bronzer is amazing on darker skintones, Too Faced Carribean in a Compact in sun Bunny is beautiful on lighter to medium-dark ladies

Apply a mauvey-rose lipstick to finish off the look.

Recommendation: I know I didn't have elaborate steps for this look because I can get the same look with MAC Cosmo lipstick alone.

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Mehia said...

Hey Anu!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her look. Its so pretty, fresh and simple. I especially love her cheeks but uh mr. longo's products are a bit of a pimp slap to my wallet do you have a cheaper recommendtion? Oh yea if I havent told yeah before I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:04 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I love your blog and think you are beautiful!! I am a huge make up junkie myself and am so glad I came across this site! Please, Please do an Aishwarya Rai make up lesson. I love her make up and would love to know how to re create it. Thanks!

8:46 PM
Praveena said...

Hi chicky!
Hope your exams went well and are finally over! I bought lovejoy as per your recommendations! I can't wait to get it! :)
I have been trawling through your website and my shopping list has hit the floor! I love your full makeup look tutes! they are awesome! Btw you are gorgeous!

4:33 AM
[a} said...

I can honestly say this is the BEST I have ever seen Priyanka look, and that's saying a lot, since she is normally so gorgeous anyway. Thanks for the breakdown.

8:09 AM
Ragini said...


Any suggestions on Sunscreen that can combine as a moisturizer, foundation base and gives decent protection.


9:32 AM
Anonymous said...

I love this look! It's so fresh and toned down! Thanks Anu

5:59 PM
Ray Gratzner said...

astonishing how much work has to be donem but the result seems worth wile.

10:29 AM
Anu said...

hey mehia:
try the physician's formula sunset strip/bronzer. it's quite pigmented and looks like bobbi browns shimmerbricks in the pan (only better on. i'm not the biggest fan of shimmerbricks. i like maybe one or two). i got my bronzer by vinvent longo from the vistoria's secret website on sale for $6 inclusing shipping. you could try that out and see it they still have it listed on sale.

3:58 PM

GG said...

Hey beautiful,
what a fresh, gorgeous look for school/work. I used Tahitian tan from wetn'wild bronzer and dabbed on a neutral pink colour for a more natural look. BTW, good luck with the paper, I though you were done you poor thing, hang in there hun, it's almost over.


11:47 AM
Rakhee said...

hi Anu,

Now that summer is almost here, could you please do a seperate post on bronzers, why, best ways to use them for day as well as night look and some suggestions? It will be greatly appreciated...
I am all confused.....

Thanks so much

5:05 PM
Danni said...

hi , i am a dark skin complexion, maybe around gabrielle union/ jennifer hudson complexion. could these copycat looks workout for me , and if they cant could you possibly give me some alternatives suited to my skin tone. possibly drugstore alternatives if not others (ex. mac) would be nice as well. =].. im particulary interested in the looks of pryanks, sheyra, and deepika. i love the sultryness and exotic-ness(lol... a made up word) of natural indian style makeup. i just dont know how to achieve. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! =]

11:05 AM
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