Get It While You Can: Revlon Midnight Swirl Lipgloss in Lick-orice

I went to Walgreens the other day and saw the Revlon Midnight Swirl lipgloss in Lick-orice on sale. The cheesy name didn't make me giggle or turn away and I figured for $2 why not. I've been seeing these lipglosses everywhere and wasn't really excited by them. A make-up sale changed that but I still didn't expect to love it this much.

Lick-orice looks like a very dark, slightly reddish plum with some funky greenish glitters swirled about. The way it looks in the tube is deceptive and on the lips it is a beautiful, sheer (but not the kind where you curse the heavens in anger realizing you might as well have worn vaseline instead), warm red brown colour. It's a very wearable licorice colour (the marketing geniuses at Revlon knew this I suppose) with a wonderfully plush texture that cushions my lips. It is fairly thick but it's not as sticky as MAC lipglasses. At first there is a hint of a scent but it is very light, pleasant, and vanishes quickly.

The reason I say this is a must have is because it is so versatile. Worn sheerly, it enhances the natural lipcolour. You can also layer it to get a more intense licorice shade. The best thing is how it transforms my lipsticks. It deepens any lipstick beautifully, adding a warm plummy brown touch to them. This is a shade that I think many skintones could wear. I think this would look incredibly flattering on a wide range of skintones. However, I'd really recommend it for us darker ladies (ranging from medium to dark, about NC40 and higher).

I know Revlon is trying to get these out of the stores so they can sell their next collection, so now with the price cut I would run to get this lipgloss.


An Indian's makeup musings said...

OMG, Anu its awesome!! To me all these swirly glosses looked black or very very dark in the tube so I never looked at em. Yeah they were on sale...I amso going to Bog lots today to see if they have any there....
Thank for trying them out!

10:22 AM
An Indian's makeup musings said...

Guess what. I did go to Big Lots and I did find Lick - Orice but did I buy it - NO. I had to think on my own and buy the red shade. And no points for guessing - IT SUCKS.
It has a horrible smell, was a horrible color and was super thick. I felt like I had a big load on my lips. I should have taken your advice and bought Lick Orice :(

8:12 PM
Anu said...

hey indian girl:
i love big lots so much. it's like treasure hunting at amazing prices lol. i really love the gloss. but the texture of the gloss is a bit thick. they feel like bobbi's lipglosses when it comes to thickness. they're not mac kind of sticky though. to me, they're very high end feeling and the colour makes it really worth it too.

12:08 AM

Anu said...

and i HATE it when you finally get something and it's gone rancid. happened to me with the world's ugliest lipstick. well it wasn't ugly per se just smelled like crayons that were left to marinate in kitty litter that was way past its refreshment.

12:09 AM

An Indian's makeup musings said...

LOL!! Yeah its probably gone rancid too! I LOVE big lots. I so agree with the treasure hunt thingy. Mine has stocked up on revlon products. I cant wait to see NYX products at my Big Lots.

8:50 AM
Anonymous said...

:( from SA and they dont sell it anymore :( i really want one

1:35 AM

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