Easy Shadow Tutorial Part 1

I had a request for a tutorial on how to apply shadow and to explain what I meant by crease, lid, etc. So here's a little explanation on the jargon.

Also, don't think I can't hear you snickering away at my primitive and sophistication-starved graphics. For some reason my computer isn't working optimally and so I can't open up too many programs. That's why I went into paint. This is the truth, plain and simple. I always have a spear made out of flint to whack you with if you disbelieve me.

The Lid:

The part contained within the yellow lines is the lid area (I think I deserve an award for this proclamation). It's pretty basic and this is where the 'main' shadow colour goes.

The Crease:

This part is where the eye socket meets the brow bone. The area that's enclosed by the lighter blue lines is bigger and I find it the easiest to manipulate without looking weird. In this area, I feather out the crease shadow and make the space designated to softening out the crease. The area is also bigger and I can get away with applying more colour here. For me, that's a good rule to follow I'm just going for the lid-crease-highlight combo.

In the area that's enclosed by the darker blue lines, I have less space to spread the crease shadow out. I like applying darker shadow in the inner crease area for different effects but if you're not familiar with it, I suggest you just familiarize yourself with your 'blending areas' first.

Blending Out:

After feathering out the crease shade in the designated areas, depending on the look, I blend the crease shade outward and inward. You can bend the crease deep into the lid or make it dip slightly into the lid shade. The same goes for the brow bone.

The Brow Bone:
This is the area under the brows and ends when it its the socket. I like to keep the shadow heaviest right under the brows and blend it into the crease.


anitakrishlee said...

Hey! They are well illustrated graphics :)

1:39 AM
An Indian's makeup musings said...

Gorgeous skin Anu !!! I Have a request - can you put up your skin routine for summer....
I am looking for new products and would love to know your routine!

Indian Girl

9:04 AM
nywele said...

thank you for such a helpful tutorial! I loooove Mulch. I always feel that my make-up skills are not sharp enough. I love the illustrations, it is very helpful!!

9:04 AM
Anu said...

Hey anita:
i'm glad you're defending me. at least one person who can join in on the flint-spearing of nay-sayers :P.

Hey indian girl:
i will post it asap. to be honest i'm recovering from the worse bout of adult acne i've had in a while thanks to my exams.

hey nywele:
so glad you liked it :). i love mulch too. i think if i EVER use up a shadow, it will be this one.

10:29 PM

worship-elle said...

Oh, love it. Thank yp. I also have a other question uhm, if you have a skin one like your what is the best way to add black eyeshow?

3:55 AM

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