Easy Eyeshadow Tutorial Part 2

Here's a video tutorial I made illustrating the points I mentioned in my previous post.


Ranjani said...

Hey Anu!

Great video, I LOVE how well you've explained all the steps, and as always the results are fabulous, the eyes look so hott!
Wish you could make me over, sigh:(

4:53 AM
Anonymous said...

very nicely done tutorial , Thanks a ton Anu ,

I had a q , in the earlier instructions u had said that its easier to apply color in the crease ( light blue area ) , so do u apply crease color in that area , then spread it to the dark blue and then blend as reqd.


3:23 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
You are Doing a great geat job.. KUDOS !!!
I have a big problem.. hope u can help me. My problem is I have lot of tiny black dots on my nose. Please tell something to do to get rid of them. I think my nose is oily compared to rest of my face.

10:27 PM
Anu said...

hey ranjani:
you are so sweet. btw. i had pav bhaji today. i need to try your recipe, but the one i had today was pretty darned awesome. as in REALLY good. i didn't make it though... figures lol.

Hey bharati:
i first apply the crease colour on the crease and then diffuse it in the areas i designate for feathering out the crease colour. this usually blends it into the lid colour and if not i blend extra into the lid and into the brow bone. hope that helps :).

hey anonymous:
glad you liked it. it seems like you have some blackheads on your nose. for me, i've found the golden combination: i exfoliate regularly with a chemical exfoliant. i use alpha hydrox AHA souffle (it has 10% glycolic acid and i use this every other night. i love how this exfoliates and gets rid of any discolouration and blackheads.

i'd suggest trying a cleanser with glocolic acid and a cream with a gentle chemical exfoliant. i really like the alpha hydrox souffle because it's cheap and very effective. a lot of people have had a lot of success using the infamous queen helene mint julep mask in conjunction but alas it is not universal. my skin cannot handle that mas so just give it a try. it's $3 at cvs so it's worth a try.

one thing i don't recommend doing is extractions. they leave behind these grooves where the blackheads were in me experience. see which combination of exfoliants works best for you.

10:38 PM

mylanqolia said...

I really like your detailed video tuts and your great make up site in general. It's no wonder why you're in my top 5 ranking of my personal make up queens.:-) Thanks for mentioning those intense black kajals. Hope I'll find them during my next shopping adventure in the Indian shop.;-) All the best, Mylanqolia aka Massuma

10:51 AM
Anu said...

hey mylangolia:
you're so incredibly kind for saying those wonderful things. but be warned, the desi kajals can often contain lead. i have been gathering information for a post on this because apparently some kajals have more than 50% lead. be careful. i'm actually not going to use desi kajals anymore because of it.

4:46 PM

mylanqolia said...

You're welcome, honey!:-)
Golly! Why are all things one love bad for one's health?!*sigh*

12:51 PM
Anonymous said...

Wow you are pretty, and your video was so comprehensive! please tell me which mascara you can use, and could you a suggest a *lead* free kajal??

:)great video

9:13 AM
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