Deepika Padukone Ad for Maybelline

I found this ad that Deepika did for Maybelline and I thought I would post it. The shade she is wearing, according to the ad anyway, is the Shine Seduction lipcolour in 720 Sun Kissed. I personally haven't tried out the line of colours from Maybelline, but do let me know if you have and whether you liked it.



An Indian's makeup musings said...

HOT Pic!!! Great find Anu! Now I really want that gloss...will let you know if it looks anything like it does in this pic. Hitting CVS soon ;)

10:26 AM
ilovecheese said...

Hi Anu, did you have a nice weekend? I saw this product just yday when I was looking for a springy-gloss with no shimmer. The colour's alright, but cost wise it isn't effective. For 1.9 mlit was Rs289 and Revlon Super Lustrous, at 310 for 4.5 ml was much better. The colour was perfect and was non sticky! The Maybelline was tad more sticky.

6:30 AM
Anonymous said...

I tried the "Volume Seduction" variation of this line in Pouty Passion (a very glossy, pleasant pink) and I loved the texture and color; however, it is a little sticky, and of course, tingles because of the plumping, but I do highly recomend the Pouty Passion, especially for medium to light Desi skin tones!

10:22 PM
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