Book Review: Shalini Vadhera's Passport to Beauty

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Shalini Vadhera's book Passport to Beauty and I was very curious. Growing up in my family meant that you learned your abc's, 123's, and herbs beneficial to maintaining a glow simultaneously. At school I was quizzed about the alphabets, at home I would be drenched in cod liver oil to make sure my skin would glow (This is a long and horrendously stinky but true story. Eventually the stench convinced people to take action and they used sticks to keep me and my fish-avatar self at bay). Suffice it to say I know a thing or two about ayurvedic beauty rituals and that this has made me a tough critic on the subject.

Shalini Vadhera's book provides wonderful little excerpts from her travels and encounters. I think this is what makes the book such a fun read. You get some very nice recipes for skin care with a charming back story. It provides a broad range of skin care recipes. Some, such as the yoghurt and honey mask I already knew of. Others, such as the Careyes Body Smoothie or White Tea Anti-Aging Mask I did not know about and found it a delight to read. What I really appreciated about the book was the range of things she talks about. You get a lot of recipes and information on natural remedies for a wide range of skin and body areas.

I spent one afternoon trying out a bunch of recipes and it was a fun and very girly experience. One good thing about the book that I didn't have to go hunting down ingredients such as unicorn tear drops that women in other countries had readily available to them but I would have to use witchcraft to magically obtain. Most of the ingredients Shalini talks about were pretty much in the kitchen and if not they're readily available. One thing to remember is that like with face creams, remember your skin type when concocting anything in the kitchen. If you're looking for a fun read that gives you a lot of recipes you can make in your kitchen, I'd really give Shalini's book a try.

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Srivalli said...

Ah...another nice one to read..that girl looks cute..maybe cute is what she is expecting to be said abt her beauty..:))..

9:44 PM
Mukho said...

I loves me a good beauty book. I've read Rona Berg's "fast beauty", Laura Mercier's "the new beauty secrets" and some more I can't remember. Lemme see if this one's out at Landmark :)

10:56 PM
anitakrishlee said...

You do have beautiful glowing skin.

I forgot to tag you for a beauty meme on my blog. You'll enjoy it!

5:50 AM
Anonymous said...

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2:40 PM
bikini said...

Thanks for the information and mention of the book, when I have some free time I'm definately going to check it out.


10:48 AM
nywele said...

I've just read the book and really liked it!! Some of the recipes, I already knew them but i definitely learnt something new;)

6:57 PM
Michelle said...

Thanks for submitting the book review to our readers of the Beauty Carnival.

3:20 AM
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