Some Gorgeous Dresses Worn by Kangana Ranaut in Femina Magazine

I found some scans of Kangana Ranaut wearing some very pretty dresses in a Femina issue that appeared a while back. Here they are with my commentary (I really can't shut up it seems).

Dress 1:

I am ambivalent about this Moschino dress she is wearing. Maybe it's the styling or maybe it's the pose but it looks a bit prom-ish too me.

Dress 2:

I know I ranted about the Gauri and Nainika dress Bipasha wore during LIFW but this creation of theirs is gorgeous. The colour and the flow of the dress are so flattering and flirty. Oh my, did I just compliment someone?

Dress 3:

This Nalanda Bhandari creation is pretty enough but it doesn't really stand out to me. Blame it on the red riding hood theme of the pic if you will, but it doesn't do any favours for the dress.

Dress 4:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this BombayElectic dress does nothing for Kangana's figure. She's a very tiny girl and this dress does unflattering and widening things to her hips.

Dress 5:

This is another Gauri and Nainika creation which does not come close to rivaling the yellow dress. It's not bad, it's just not earth shattering.

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ilovecheese said...

Oh Anu, she is very pretty and has an offbeat look that instantly separates her from the B-wood pack rats, but the whole persona just rumples when she opens her mouth to speak. She really must hire a good speech trainer to change her very Northie accent to a neutral one. She's not able to express herself in English very well, in some of her interviews that I've seen, and if she could just improve in that area, it would really giver her an edge!

11:45 PM
Himmat said...

Get some perspective please ilovecheese! Don't you think it's highly (and shamefully) paradoxical that those who attain stardom mouthing Hindi in films should be looked up at for giving interviews in fluent neutral accented (funny term, really) English???? Hightime we Indians got out of this slavish grid-lock.

10:39 AM
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