Shweta Salve: Who Needs Subtle Shimmer When You Can Bathe in Oil?

I'm obsessed with highlighters but Shweta Salve takes that love to a level where you question her present state of mind. You know when you look at pics of startlets at award ceremonies or in magazine shots and they have glowing bronze skin and sigh in envy. Well, Shweta Salva just made me sigh in sheer disbelief over the oil she was repeatedly drowned in for her Maxim photoshoot.

I saw this pic on rediff and they had captioned this picture with "Shweta Salve hots up bikini shoot." Now I'm not completely sure who she is but I have to commend her on her dedication to not only hot up the photoshoot, but douse herself in what appears to be three barrels of olive oil to really attract flames. It's like she's asking me to light her fire... literally.

The difference between highlighting the body done right and this pyromaniac-dream-come-true pic is the difference between having your glow be legendary a la JLo and Shweta Salve in this photoshoot.

When shimmer on the body is done right, it gives a soft, sensuous glow to the skin. This version of exploiting India's otherwise perfect for cooking oil to add shine her skin makes Shweta seem like my grandaunts. Their beauty rituals consisted of massaging themselves in oil from head to toe, walk around for four to five hours without touching the furniture or walls lest the oil transfer, and finally (mercifully for the rest of us) wash off the oil with a herbal mix that they claimed was the secret to their beauty. The only difference is that while my grandaunts eventually looked clean and refreshed, this oily highlighting endeavour makes me want to gift her a nice, fragrant soap.

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ilovecheese said...

ROFL Anu, you're so funny, I love your sarky style :P
I used to watch this girl on the teen series Hip Hip Hurray, waaay back when I was in college, and I didn't like her even then. Something off about er, she's not hot in any way man, no amount of oil can substitute good ole' sexiness. Now Feroze Gujral, she's got the LOOK!

11:00 PM
Anu said...

i love feroze. she's a lot better of a model than this shwetha person. she just doesn't strike me as sexy. just trying too hard. i'm not trying to be mean i promise lol

10:40 PM

ilovecheese said...

Aww babe, don't feel shy, this woman's a bit of a wannabe, trying too hard to be sexy, she was on te Indian verison of dancing with the stars, she sucked.

1:15 AM
Anonymous said...

Wow! I tend to agree with your opinions most of the times, but I definitely think you guys are being mean by calling her a wanna be just because of those pictures. I checked out all the pictures on Maxin, and Shwetha looks pretty sexy for her age.. I am assuming she is in her thirties. I have never seen her on TV, so I don't know anything about her personality, but she does look hot in the pictures.

10:01 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
i dont mean for my criticisms to be taken that seriously. i just like to give a sarcastic account of what i see. it's not a reflection on her, it's a reflection on the styling, make-up, and overall effect. to me they looked really forced and in this pic she looked very oily. i honestly dont mean to offend anyone and just like writing a bit of light satire.

11:10 PM

David Ridgewell said...

Shveta Salve is a bomb in looks and attitude. And in oil she looks awesome. No doubt about that. Her bikini pics in the Maxim issue were out of this World. She may not be a classic beauty but she makes up for that with her figure and attitude. She is all fiery and scorching. Feroze Gujral is different. No comparison, though I must admit I love Shveta Salve very much. Good luck to her. She is indeed the sexiest TV icon in India today. Any doubts?

1:58 AM
Anonymous said...

with no boobs to show, she is forcing them to pop up; sexy is not abt body babe shvets,,it shows on face,,no way shveta can be sexy,,her low self esteem shows up

7:55 PM

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